The End Of Faith V Jedi Order

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The End of Faith vs. Jedi Order
In Sam Harris’s novel “The End of Faith” I chose to analyze chapter six, A Science of Good and Evil and compare his views against the views of a Jedi. In this chapter Harris exposes his beliefs on what he considers to be good and evil, how they can be achieved, and how they should be dealt with. Harris breaks this chapter up into sections where he gets into detail on the aspects of determining good and evil. Harris and the Jedi have very little in common when it comes to their views, and that is obvious after a comparison of the two.
Sam Harris begins this chapter with an introduction to an explanation of what good and evil is and each can be achieved. In ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, religious ideas are not necessities to an ethical life. According to Harris, the study of religious faith is an example of human ignorance.
According to Jedi beliefs, there are not different groups of people in the world. People have not come to realize yet that we are all worshipping the same religions, until this time it creates conflict. Everyone is a Jedi and a reflection of God who shares the same objective of accomplishing the Jedi order. People are mistakenly separated into groups due to misleading education. Education of our age needs to be replaced by the knowledge of the force. In order to reunite everyone under different religions, a Jedi sect with a Jedi CD should be added to all religions, promoting everyone to live under one common religion. Once people realize they are Jedi’s and live by the force, the separation that previously caused suffering will vanish, and everyone one will work together to accomplish the Jedi Order. The result of all of this is unmistakable happiness. Harris believes religion is something that is unnecessary, but Jedi’s believe it is something that misunderstood, but under correct use can unite the world’s people.
In the “Ethics and the Sciences of Mind” section of Chapter Six, Sam Harris gives an interesting explanation of the two. He believes that a person’s ethics and the scientific understanding of consciousness hold a very close connection with each other. He goes on to say that a person thinks they are only ethically concerned about living things they consider conscious, but there must be an understanding of the nature of the relationship between what is conscious and what is not. A person’s intuition concerning the consciousness of other living things is motivated by factors beyond whether or not they are conscious. According to the scientific understanding the nature of good and evil along with the normal response to the moral misbehavior of others is what fastens the connection between intuitions, human relationships, and the state of happiness. Today, we are faced with the problem that our religions are just as supportive to true moral inquiry as scientific inquiry is, and our only hope to solving this problem is applying new rules of discourse. People of our time should have the ability to criticize ethical, spiritual, and religious beliefs just as they can criticize any other unfound belief. Sam Harris encourages the reader to follow the words of Christopher Hitchens; “what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence” and use this as one of the new rules of discourse that can be applied.
Under the ways of a Jedi, consciousness is the truth, and the use of polarity can balance the inseparable consciousness with matter. What is not conscious is matter, and consciousness requires awareness of one’s self. Everyone shares the same consciousness, or absolute I. Similar to what Harris believes about how new rules need to be applied to rules that are...

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