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The Empowered ManagerPeter Block authored the book, The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work, to inform his readers of the politics that occur in organizations today. In his book, he writes about two different types of politics: the negative, or bureaucratic, and the positive, or entrepreneurial. He outlines each of the types of politics as a cycle of actions, or behaviors, to point out the differences of the two types. After discussing the differences between the two types of politics, he tries to persuade his readers to take a proactive role in trying to institute positive politics in the workplace. In addition to him persuading readers to make the change to positive ...view middle of the document...

While trying to achieve this, however, the manager does not act in manipulative ways. Block stresses managing the unit as if the manager owns it. To accomplish this, a manager must empower, motivate, and encourage self-expression in each employee. Block illustrates several ways to achieve moving to the entrepreneurial cycle.Transitional ToolsThere are numerous tools that Block provides to make the transition to the entrepreneurial cycle. In order to make the transition from the patriarchal contract to the entrepreneurial contract, he says to be your own authority. To be your own authority is to be responsible for your own actions whether the outcome is good or bad. Block also says to continue following the opposite steps of a patriarchal contract by encouraging self-expression, demanding commitments, and believing that the previous steps are just. By believing the above are just, is to believe "that real authority comes from within and that self-expression and commitment are good for the business" (Block, 84).In order to move from myopic self-interest to the enlightened self-interest of positive politics, Block speaks of engaging in activities that have meaning and activities that have a true contribution and service to the organization, exercising integrity, maintaining a positive impact on other people's lives, and mastering involvement in activities. Block states that by executing the above tools, is "to take a path that does not require approval or applause of our supervisor. It is the only way to discover and claim our own autonomy" (Block, 93).To move from manipulative tactics to positive, or "authentic," tactics, we need to say no when we mean no, share as much information as possible, use language that describes reality, and avoid repositioning for the sake of acceptance (Block, 1991). These steps allow for more open communication. It will not leave any impression of deviant or manipulative actions. It will also exhibit to your employees that you are being genuine in your actions.By accepting and instituting all of the above tools, the manager will have successfully achieved autonomy. Autonomy is the ultimate goal in instituting the entrepreneurial cycle. Autonomy provides independence from the organization and more self-government, while maintaining the interests of the organization and the belief that the most trustworthy source of information is...

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