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The Emergence Of Brazil And Its Education System

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The Emergence of Brazil and Its Education System Chris, Keala, Monique Chaminade University



The Emergence of Brazil and Its Education System With increasing economic growth and widespread foreign investments, Brazil, one of the largest countries in South America, is by all accounts, emerging. While economic and population growth are supporting Brazil’s emergence, it is critical that Brazil's education system is strong, so that its people have the opportunity to fully emerge and compete as a developed country. Currently, Brazil’s population is approximately 200,000 million, a ...view middle of the document...

Educational attainment rates have been rising over the past decade, but one in five 15- 29 old Brazilians was neither in education nor employment in 2009.” (OECD, 2012) Although education expenses are steadily increasing in Brazil, a strong education system capable of reaching all economic classes and rural areas will be a major factor in determining Brazil’s ability to fully emerge.

Brazil’s History Understanding the root of Brazil's education and economic challenges are necessary in order remedy to fully support their efforts in becoming a developed country. For most people, a primary introduction of Brazil is typically found in textbooks and through the eyes of the infamous explorer Christopher Columbus, who had accidentally discovered this country in the 1500s. After stumbling upon the indigenous semi-nomadic tribes, the stage was set, and the country's first inhabitants would be irrevocably being lost due to mass European settlements and slaughter. At one time, Brazil's indigenous tribes consisted of 5-6 million people, however by 1950; this number was a mere 100,000. Today, there are only 200 tribes that remain deep in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest. From European settlement and the country's indigenous people, ethnic diversity was born. It was explained that, "Within the Brazilian nationality are blended the various aboriginal Indian cultures; the Portuguese heritage, with its diverse strains; the traditions of millions of persons of African descent; and European elements resulting from sizable immigration since 1888 from Italy, Spain, Germany, and Poland. The influx of Japanese and some Arabs during the 20th



century has contributed to the complex Brazilian melting pot." It is estimated that there are 55% Caucasians, 38% Mulatto (mixed Caucasian and African) 5% are African and 1%-5% are Asian. (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2013) While ethnicity should not be a factor in education, Brazil's history has dictated and created the path for many non-Caucasian Brazilians who are by all accounts the least educated in their Country. While Brazil's government has money to spend on education, its agriculture struggles and global economic depression has caused the government to place focus on other more pressing issues. In general, the funds that should be spent on education were reallocated to help the elderly and agriculture communities survive. Although child labor has ebbed and flowed through Brazil's history, today this practice remains strong.

Education Policies The Brazilian educational system has recently gone through major reforms. In an effort to build human capital, Brazil has invested heavily in education. In recent 2010 audit, the Brazilian government spent 5% of their GDP on education. (Brazilian Government, 2012) Currently, the country provides free public education at all levels for its citizens. In order to solidify Brazil’s commitment to education, Brazil passed the...

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