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The Electoral System In The U.S

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Table of contentsVoters and voting rightsLegal aspects of the voting system -a timeline includedElectoral systemsElections-an overview of presidential elections in the USConclusionsWe find ourselves in times of great freedom and most of the time we seem not to appreciate it. Even if at this point of history we benefit from a lot of rights it hasn't always been so. people have fought for this for centuries and this struggle has sometimes been quite difficult. There have been times in history when most people had no influence on the political, economical and social development of their country. Their existence was mostly self-centered as if they didn't even live in a society. At other times ...view middle of the document...

It also seemed interesting to see how the present day president has won the election to become the first black president inthe U.S. The U.S. have come a long way from denying the right to vote to people of African-American descent to a black president.The first thing I had to do was to gather information about the entire history of the American electoral system and create a sort of timeline where the milestones would be highlighted according to their importance. This would imply a deep dive into American history and also a correlation with global history in order to see if there was a delay in offering these rights or rather an early reaction.Following I was to separate this huge amount of information depending on two criteria: acquiring of rights and legal aspects of election processes. This would lead to a clear assessment of the historical development and several stages that the voting system has gone through.Next it was important to thoroughly know the present election system and compare it to some other systems operating throughout the world. This would give me an idea on the specifics, advantages and maybe disadvantages of the American system. To my surprise there are a great number of voting systems in the world and it is utterly impossible to declare that one or the other is the best. It was obvious to me that I should just point to the differences without grading them or establishing a best. Farrell, David M. with his work :"Electoral Systems: A Comparative Introduction(2001)" was a great help for me but so where the internet with its only encyclopedias where everything is handy and paper encyclopedias also. Farrell was the one to point out that there is no right or no wrong as long as the people fully agree with one system or the other. He underlined the idea that an electoral system is only good as long as it is accepted by the ones that benefit from it.Next I was to present and analyze some of the recent elections I chose to present 4 of them so as to cover the three candidates best known to our contemporaries but also to give more practical information on the process. Some information on campaigning and raising funds for a campaign had to be present here and also the concepts typical to the American system. I had to approach sociological aspects so as to explain the voters' behavior in these last 4 elections.The last steps consisted in the analysis of all data gathered in order to point out the specifics of the American way of voting. This lead not only to a critical approach but also to a positive approach, an acknowledgement of the positive aspects.It was really important for me to draw a conclusion that was to judge the voting system in the U.S. as right or wrong but the entire process taught me along with Farrell that there is no right or wrong as long as people are satisfied. That is why the study was actually really interesting: the same electoral system made people really angry as it happened when George W. Bush was reelected...

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