The Effects Of War And Peace On Foreign Aid In Somalia

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Different kinds of computer Technology within law enforcement and courts
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Law enforcement units and courts have made advanced technologies in crime detection and prevention. The past technologies mainly used were mainly aviation technology such as use of planes and helicopters and biometrics. The new computer technologies involve use of crime lights, in-car camera systems, graffiti cameras, thermal imaging, lasers, language translators, less-lethal technologies diagramming systems and global positioning system. It enables the responding of a crime activity in a very short time possible and transfer of information efficiently over a longer distance. This paper ...view middle of the document...

Detection and Surveillance Technologies
Detection was used to look for the illicit that were hidden somewhere or in people. Surveillance was used to watch spaces, people and movements and activities for illegitimate activities. These were used to monitor crimes and maintain safety of courts and public areas and SWAT or special weapons and tactics team operations.

Present technologies
Crime Lights
This is used to detect the fibers, body fluids at the scene of crime and hair to process the crime scene faster and in all places (Helmick , 2003).
In-Car Camera Systems
This is used by recording the video footage of an event on the public inside a patrol car and has aided in criminal arrest and investigation, trainings and traffic stops. The films speak for the officers (IACP, 1998).
Photo Enforcement System technologies
These generate the red light or feedback on over speeding hence assist to improve safety of motor vehicle industry and included the following:
Graffiti Cameras
These takes the photographs of criminals who vandalizes the properties, notify the law enforcers on current vandalism going on and even warns the suspect concerning the action. In addition, it monitors illegal dumping and loitering including crimes.
Thermal Imaging
It uses the electronic device to produce an image of a surface radiation in electromagnetic thermal in order to identify a fugitive or a person missing in a very short time. It includes use of models of which are roof-mounted, handheld or spotlighted with a monitor (Wilson and Warren, 2001). It is used in the following areas:
1. Searching for Individuals: 
This involves use of thermal imaging devices where the scenes are scanned. It is used to search the dark scenes where crime is going on or suspects are hiding. In addition it is used to search for hidden vehicles in various places.
2. Evidence and Deterrence: 
It scans for physical evidence e.g. graves or tires which are not visible. Proactive imager surveillance allows the scanning of places where people don’t have privacy.
3. Marijuana Investigations: 

Thermal images are used to uncover the marijuana growing operations in terms of history, purchases of devices for use in marijuana processing, information on marijuana odor and purchases of equipments for enhancing growth of marijuana.
Criminal Investigations Records Systems
This aids in extracting information from different records in order to link crimes to criminals in different ways. These systems use the names, physical features and vehicle characteristic used in the offence and included the following.
Electronic White Boards
This takes notes in meetings and stores for future refence. In addition, it scans the notes and produces several copies of information for analysis.
It is used in law enforcement profession for sharing the photos of suspects, records on criminal activities, bulletin, fingerprint, and surveillance video footages in a short time.

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