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Effects of Video Games
For several years television debate has extended to video games many of which include addiction, behavioral problems, school performance, and how parents are monitoring their children. Technology has improved from generation to generation and young children are into what we call video games and techie gadgets. The effects of video gaming have a wide range of effects on young people today and like anything else the effects you get is in way they are used. This is why we must monitor what video games and how long our children are playing.
It has been increasingly noticed that some people developed problem video game use. Ninety percent of American youth ...view middle of the document...

It will help children in the long run if there are set limits on how many hours children spend video gaming. Another sign is how often a child thinks about playing video games when they are not playing. If a child is constantly thinking about playing video games then they have some characteristics of an addiction. These video games can have a very strong and intense affect on the brain. If a child is constantly thinking about playing video games then they need to be evaluated to see if they have an addiction. Also if video games cause problems with family and friends it is a warning sign of an addiction. For instance if the child is playing so much that he will not participate in eating at the table, homework, or listening to his parents he may have warning signs of addiction.
As a result, video game addiction can lead to behavioral problems. For example, violence, aggression, and numbness to violence are the leading negative effects in excessive playing of video games. Video games are rated E (for everyone), T (for 13 and older), and M (for mature-may be suitable for 17+). One study asked children in grades 7-12 whether they had ever played four popular video games. The top choice, by 65% of respondents, was the M- rated Grand Theft Auto series. (M-Rated Video Games and Aggressive or Problem Behavior Among Young Adolescents) Video games such as Grand Theft Auto have many types of violence in them. This is a game where the player is the shooter and this gives a child more of a realistic feeling. Also these games usually give rewards or incentives for doing violent crimes which in turn gives a child a false view on reality. For instance, some children are more prone to be problematic to violent video games and get confused with fantasy and reality.
Aggression is a big affect from playing violent video games. M-Rated video games have been linked to aggressive behavior in children. The long time users who plays the M-Rated video games have shown more aggressive behavior than that of a user who didn’t play. The games today are far more graphic and realistic than ever before. For example, in the early 90’s a shooting in a video game resulted in an opponent falling on the ground. Today the shooting of an opponent consists of flying body parts, realistic screams, and blood. Video games today are even more violent towards women including, rape scenes, prostitution, full nudity, and the option to have sex. The question is what this simulated violence does to the player. Even though there is no solid evidence that video games is the cause of violent behavior, keep in mind there is no solid evidence that denies the claim either. In addition to violence and aggression there is also a concern that video games desensitize children to violence. This can make it easier for children to commit violence in the real world. Video games idealize the violence and associate it with personal power and achievement.
In addition to behavioral...

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