The Effects Of Temperature On Enzymes

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The Effects of Temperature on Enzymes Reaction Rate.

Enzymes are proteins that speed up many chemical reactions in cells. Enzymes affect the rate of almost all chemical reactions which take place in organisms. Like all other proteins, enzyme function may be affected by the change in any aspect of its structure. The effect of a change in enzyme structure is called denaturation; this means that the enzyme becomes inactive. The activity of enzymes is affected by temperature.
The purpose of this lab was to determine the effect of temperature on the rate of enzyme activity. Since the catalase speeds up the decomposition of hydrogen, the rate of catalase activity was ...view middle of the document...

The slope for each test tube at each time interval was then recorded.
By obtaining the maximum reaction rate for each test tube we were able to calculate the average maximum rate for each temperature. At 37 degrees Celsius the test tubes had an average reaction rate of 3.369 9(%/min), at 2 degree Celsius the test tubes had an average reaction rate of 1.3955 (%/min), at 25 degree Celsius the test tubes had an average reaction rate of 1.922 (%/min), at 50 degree Celsius the test tubes had an average reaction rate of 1.253(%/min) and at 90 degree Celsius the test tubes had an average reaction rate of 0.097 (%/min) (Fig. 2). The results shows that enzyme had an optimum temperature at 37 degrees Celsius
The results supported my hypothesis, that once the enzyme temperature decreases the rate of hydrogen peroxide decomposition decreases. If temperatures are too cold, the enzyme moves very slowly as it has less energy, and the chances of a successful collision between the enzyme and substrate are low, meaning the rate is much slower.
The results also supported my second hypothesis, as the enzyme temperature...

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