The Effects Of Television On The American Culture

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Marilyn J. Holmes
ENGL 101-B07 LUO (APA)
Mr. Brian Powell
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Changes For The Better
“Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (John 1:3 New International Version). The environment is something that we as humans often take for granted. Making up everything that surrounds us, you would think that more of our population would take this blessing into more consideration. The actions we take for our environment do not compare to those taken against it. With it being a Christian’s responsibility to preserve and protect this God given Earth, we shall always try our hardest to fulfill his expectations. Sure we ...view middle of the document...

Self-centered perspectives need to be opened up into a global mindset in order for us to preserve and protect God's Earth.
Bees, one of the most important yet infamous species, have a huge hand in our food supply. In an environmental perspective you would understand why we depend on these little workers. According to One Green Planet, "Bees are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plant species worldwide and approximately 400 different agricultural types of plant." Those numbers should most certainly open your eyes and show their worth on this Earth. Pollinating our crops and keeping our flowers beautiful, I feel that they don't get enough credit. Though the issue that we face today is that scientists can’t explain why they are disappearing. The loss of bees is something that we as Christians can’t afford to happen.
Information from Queen of the Sun, has helped me provide ways to support the survival of bees. Christians can plant flowers that welcome bees while refraining from pesticides. Provide them with some sort of water source; bees are always thirsty! And instead of buying your honey from grocery stores try to find a local mart that sells raw honey. "The honey you buy directly sends a message to beekeepers about how they should keep their bees." We as Christians should help preserve the life of the bees in order for them to continue to provide us with much needed foods.
On a more serious note the well-known global warming issue doesn't seem to die down. Global temperatures are rising and the climate as a whole is changing. Glaciers are melting, leaving arctic animals hanging by their final straws. Polar bears for example are on the brink of extinction. "Some studies have information suggesting that as much as two thirds of the current population could disappear by 2050" (Bear Life Organization). Unfortunately, we can't save these poor animals but we can fight against global warming.

Polar bears stranded on ice. | Christopher Jackson

As stated by the Natural Resources Defense Council, "The biggest cause of global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fossil fuels -- such as oil and coal -- are burned for energy." Knowing that, the smartest solution to this problem is to save energy. But how? We can start off by choosing renewable energy sources, this allows us to save money while also saving energy. Slowly cutting down on the demand for fossil fuels simultaneously emitting less carbon dioxide into the Earth's ozone. We must constantly be aware of the amount of power we use daily. Unplug devices or things of that matter that aren’t currently in use; every little bit helps! During the winter open your blinds to allow the sun to warm up your house and during the summer keep your blinds closed. It may now sound like some huge life changing idea but do whatever it takes to save you money and most importantly energy.
Also, scientists and designers are teaming up to make more energy efficient products...

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