The Effects Of Technology Essay

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Brenna Dunn
September 13, 2012
Dr. Beatty
Eng 210

In today’s world, society is an ever changing process. Technology is present in our everyday lives. As time continues to pass, technology becomes more and more involved in our lives. Although computers are an extreme use in the everyday lives of 21st Century humans, what are computers without the internet? Whether it is social media, online banking, or research, the internet is the main use of computers. The main problem with the internet is that it is taking the place of professional jobs that at one time were very important to people. Such jobs include photography, mailmen, bank tellers, and journalists. Shirky goes into explicit ...view middle of the document...

” (56) Although is it still possible for students to obtain degrees in journalism, it is also possible for an uneducated person to write something on the internet and have it noticed by someone. It really all is in luck and chance. Before people only read things that journalists wrote because their articles were published in things such as magazines and newspapers. That is what sets apart a professional from an amateur, in other words, the advancements in technology changed the occupation of journalism from a profession to a hobby.
Shirky’s central claim is that amateurization is the downfall of the jobs in this world, and amateurization all came about because of advancements in technology as time has passed. “Mass amateurization is a result of the radical spread of expressive capabilities, and the most obvious precedent is the one that gave birth to the modern world: the spread of the printing press.” (66) His reasons for this are that with every new invention, another profession is destroyed. Once the printing press was released, scribes lost their jobs. Although everyone is able to write, scribes took pride in their job and they felt a warming in their heart when they performed it. After the scribes jobs were taken away due to the printing press, jobs started being taken away due to new inventions, such as the internet. “The Web didn’t introduce a new competitor into the old ecosystem, as USA Today has done. The Web created a new ecosystem.” (60) With this being said, although the printing press took away the jobs of scribes, the internet took away the jobs of many more professions as stated above.
A professional style is adopted by Shirky. He has a high reputation as a speaker due to his reputation as a writer, teacher, and consultant...

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