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The Effects Of Society On John Milton's From Paradise Lost, Amelia Lanier's From Eve's Apology In Defense Of Women, And Richard Lovelace's To Althea From Prison

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At the time of John Milton, Amelia Lanier, and Richard Lovelace, England experienced a revolt of King Charles I by Parliament to end his unreasonable wars. His wars were becoming a burden to Parliament to fund and handle, and with the leadership of Oliver Cromwell, the governing body was able to overthrow the king and his unpopular ways. Due to the events at the time, many poets and writers were able to openly criticize and discuss the ways of the government and the ways of society; Milton, Lanier, and Lovelace were a few of these writers. Milton wrote his opinion of the government and the hypocritical Cromwell at this time of distraught. In "the greatest ...view middle of the document...

Lanier wrote her criticism of the unfair treatment of women in the English society by looking past the current events of society. In from Eve's Apology in Defense of Women, she disapproves upon the unjust blame that Eve was given for both herself and Adam for eating the forbidden fruit and being dismissed from Eden. Lanier argues that Adam deserves the blame just as equally as Eve, and she defends all women against a mold that men have considered to be fitting for a woman to fit into. Although Amelia Lanier was very far ahead compared to others, the society at the time allowed her to publicly express her rejection of the treatment that all women were facing in England. Richard Lovelace wrote beautiful, romantic poems due to his wealth and royal connections; he had no worries with society, with government, or with the current events at the time. He has only the struggles of love to battle, so he, unlike the other two writers, was affected in a way that caused him to write about things other than society and politics. His life, at the time, was free and lavish, and his only mentioned struggle with his state is feeling trapped in the world. The three writers use (and do not use) the events of the time to mold and shape their works, but all were affected in some way. The two former poets write about injustice and abuse, while Lovelace, the latter of the three poets, writes about the direct opposite of what was going on at the time. Milton, Lanier, and Lovelace write using the effects that society has branded onto them.

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