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The Effects Of Power And Politics On Goals In General Control Systems

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The Effects of Power and Politics on Goals in General Control Systems
The organization that I am applying my analysis on is General Control System (GCS) Corporation. GCS is a large company specialized in the field of engineering control system services. It supplies many governmental and private organizations with computerized control system and provide technical support and maintenance services. The company has ten departments and around five hundred employees. GCS started as a research center with a manager and a few engineers. It expanded to a professional company that works on governmental engineering control projects. After ten years, it grew up to become a bigger company ...view middle of the document...

Although, the impact of power and politics on the workplace are that employees feel discriminated against, abused or unappreciated. They resort to some harmful options like: Defecting to competition. Employees become emotionally distant and have no interest in the success of the company. They display passive-aggressive behaviors, become uncooperative, work less or produce substandard results. Key talent leaves the company. Good honest workers generally don't have the skills or disposition for functioning in a highly political environment. Company develops a reputation for being political and an unpleasant place to work, making it more difficult to recruit good talent to compete effectively. Employees lose faith and motivation.

Source of the problematic
The organizational culture inventory Circumplex (OCI) showed that the company has an overall Passive/Defensive styles (Conventional, Dependent, and Avoidance). The company’s culture is a source of these powers, which give the management the full control of the rules and decisions. GCS relies on traditional routines and procedures that all employees follow. Management wastes more time and energy on internal attack and defense strategies instead of executing the work, innovating and overcoming challenges. The company is holding on the same practices and strategies and does not change them in response to changing business environment. The leadership team is part of the political game. Employees can’t go over the head of the supervisor to the manager, even if they have a serious issue. There are many management layers in the organization, thus, hindering communication and resulting in slower execution. In a political corporate culture, image management becomes far more important than actions.
The organization practice an unconscious hypocrisy, preaching a people-focused leadership style while rewarding managers solely on the basis of financial and operating results. Managers focus more on the bottom-line results than on the process of obtaining them. Often this leads to a number of counterproductive outcomes, such as managers' resorting...

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