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The Effects Of Population Density And Noise Paper

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The Effects of Population Density and Noise Paper

Living different types of lifestyles can be from being raised in an urban or rural environment. Daily stressors are formed from the simplest things in life to the most over populated part of a city. During this paper we are able to learn about the concept of each affects that territory, privacy and personal spaces. How nature can affect the way of living to urban areas or how it can help other areas in the urban city. Noise to most people can be understanding and yet very draining depending on the situation. Learning about different environments makes a better understanding of how each person reflects on life and ...view middle of the document...

Too many people think about privacy and how it is important. Privacy is based on the interpersonal relationship and the interaction with the people. People have different ways of making their privacy known through words, interactions with others and openness. People who are about their privacy are wanting control of their personal environment that if they feel like they are losing control the sense of one self-starts to vanish. The fear of losing their life starts to effect people.
Personal Space
As stated in the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology personal Space is a term used to describe the emotionally tinged zone around the human body that people feel is “their space”. With many different techniques that are applied to measuring the personal space of others, researchers have come to the conclusions of the interpersonal relationship to be decreased. Once there is threat that is felt the within one’s personal space there is a distance that is formed to ensure the person is comfortable. Personal Space can be more than arm’s length, it is where one sits, what desk they work at, and the car they drive. When a person’s personal space is thrown off, this can mess with the stress level of many.
The Effect of Nature
When we talk about Urban Areas of living one may think about New York and how urban it is and up to date with all the fashions.. When we throw in the aspects of nature like zoos, parks and gardens, people who live in the city can use what nature is left in an urban city to be stress reliever. Due to the extreme noise level and ever growing population that occurs in major cities is causing the environmental conditions to alter in a sense of losing control of one’s personal space. When one thinks of a urban city they think jobs, entertainment and attraction. Urban cities have increased in size due to the economic falls and woes that the United States is in. Urban stressors have come from traffic as well as the pollution concerns that many cities have life trash. Life attractions like a city park can give peace of mind to an urban city local. More than most interactions with nature, gardening occurs in a social context. A garden can facilitate social interaction and a sense of community (Robbins et al., 2001). This is also a great way to break all territorial issues as well as privacy concerns. The stress that comes from the urban life can open a new way of living through different attractions in the city that can create interactions with other people. There are many people who have connections with nature that not only does a park or garden help but even seeing animals can help people who are having issues with their lifestyle the daily stressors of the urban city lifestyle. Parks and zoos are particularly notable for the way in which they create and support a social context surrounding the interaction with nature (Clayton & Myers, 2009). Zoo visits are perceived as positive and are associated with feelings of...

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