The Effects Of Music On The Mind And Body

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The Effects of Music on the Mind and BodyWhen I first read about the Mozart Effect I thought it was very intriguing to me how a simple tone of music can affect how the mind and the body function. I'm not just talking about any type of music; I was thinking more of the classical music genre and to be more specific, Mozart's sonata for two pianos. I believe that listening to these types of music, while studying or taking tests will increase the performance of the student in the classroom. Back in my high school English class my teacher would always play either classical music or jazz music during our tests. She says that music would help us increase our performance and keep us focused during ...view middle of the document...

It is especially helpful for people diagnosed with epilepsy. According to Jenkins article, The Mozart Effect, he claims that after listening to Mozart's sonata for two pianos, there was a significant decrease in the epileptiform activity as shown by the electroencephalogram (EEG) in his experiment. I think that if we could perform this experiment in the real world with people with epilepsy, we would see a dramatic change in the patient's condition. Many people around the world have already done or are currently doing these types of experiments.The audience that this article is intended for are music therapists looking to find ways to cure their patients of whatever they are diagnosed with. Music therapists are very intelligent professionals who know what kind of music to treat their patients with, but with this article they would not have to go any further into researching. Other audiences that this article would intend for are people who are diagnosed with epilepsy or people who have bad depression and anxiety and need help in curing those problems.Many of you wonder why they use Mozart's sonata for two pianos for most of these experiments. Mozart's authority Alfred Einstein called 'one of the most profound and most mature of all Mozart's compositions'. Others say his piano concerto no. 23 is also effective. In contrast, Phillip Glass' minimalist music and old-time pop showed little long term periodicity. In Jenkins article it is suggested that music with a high degree of long term periodicity would resonate within the brain to decrease seizure activity and to enhance spatial-temporal...

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