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The Effects Of Ineffective Communication In A Small Business

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End of Seminar Project 1

End of Seminar Project: The Effects of Ineffective Communication in a Small Business Nicolle R. Waddy

AMBA 640, Section 1136 Professor Das September 7, 2011

End of Seminar Project 2 Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction I. Project Management Plan A. Project Overview 1) Project Goal 2) Stakeholder Analysis 3) Project Manager 4) Project Team 5) Team Contract 6) Project Deliverables 7) Employee Survey Sample 8) Employee Survey Results – Graph B. Project Organization 1) Organizational Structure 2) Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces C. Work Breakdown Structure and Schedule 1) Work Breakdown Structure 2) Dependencies 3) Resource Requirements 4) ...view middle of the document...

The stakeholders in this project include the President, Vice President, Director of Operations, Vice President of Sales, CFO, Accountant, Production Managers, Service Manager, Administration Manager, Supply Manager, Service Technicians, Support Staff, Vendors, and Customers. The work breakdown structure for this project has four main phases: analyze common reasons for communication breakdown, identify constraints, improve communications, and complete the project by reporting results and making recommendations. Each team member or department manager will be responsible for completing their respective phase for their department, as assigned by the project manager. The Theory of Constraints will be used as a model for the implementation of this project. The goals of our operations management plan and process improvement plan are to meet our project goals, while find ways to effectively reduce customer callbacks and decrease supply delivery time. The senior management staff and service technicians will manage the Information Management plan if any problems should arise. The team members will

End of Seminar Project 4 use their current computers and have access to the e-Automate database to run preexisting reports for the project. This project requires the participation of each employee at RPG, beginning with the employee surveys and ending with the presentation to the senior management. Each phase was developed to improve the communication within the organization, and in turn increase the organizations effectiveness and efficiency.

End of Seminar Project 5 Introduction Reprographic Products Group is a small business, family-owned and operated, in its twentieth year of operation. The company is a supplier of reprographic services and products in the local area, with approximately 34 employees. RPG’s (2011) website lists the following as the major services offered:  Reprographic Equipment and Supplies – RPG an authorized reseller for Oce, KIP, and Hewlett-Packard. 
We stock a large inventory of new and reconditioned equipment for purchase, lease, or rental.  Equipment Service – RPG provides on-site repair for your Xerox Wide Format, and Hewlett-Packard printers, plotters, and copiers. Our service technicians are factory trained and certified. We keep a complete inventory of spare parts in our Laurel, MD warehouse.  Reprographic Services – RPG provides large and small format black & white and color scanning, printing, and copying services. We offer immediate turnaround and free pickup and delivery. We accept all popular digital file formats, and can print, mount, and laminate up to 60″ wide by 30′ long.  On-Site Services – RPG is an expert in providing outsourced printing solutions for corporations in the Washington, DC area. We offer fully staffed on-site digital print centers billed completely on a cost-per-copy basis.  Managed Print Services Consulting - Consolidate, increase productivity and lower costs for output fleet of equipment....

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