The Effects Of Excessive Technology Usage

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The Effects of Excessive Technology Usage

As technology evolves, life gets easier. People think technology usage is a good thing. Technology makes life much more convenient, too convenient perhaps. Technology usage has effects the society in many ways. A lot of great inventions like computers, smart phones, televisions, and videogames were made in the 20th and 21st century. However, there are harmful side effects we may not know. The inventions are as harmful as their usefulness sometimes. Some of these tools also play a big role on our lives. However, society has made a habit to depend on these convenient tools and it is a reality we must ...view middle of the document...

As explained by Baer,
Overuse is a concern (...) youth with addictive features of use show poor emotional/ behavior functioning. On average a youth may use a computer, television, or gaming console 4.5 hours per day plus or minus 2.3 hours per day. American and Canadian guidelines for time in front of a screen are 2 hours per day limit. Although there are positives to media use, high screen time has been associated with a number of problems including obesity, metabolic syndrome, musculoskeletal pain and sleep disruption.
Excessive screen time with children and even adults can also take away from possible physical activities. A child with addictive traits plays too many video games and/or watches an excessive amount of television per day may have impact on his or her life in way that would set in motion negative long-term effects on his or her own lifestyle. Possible effects of extended computer usage per day of an individual can result in lack of motivation, poor work ethics, and depression.
Computers have integrated the efficiency of a workplace but in turn have brought attention to a number of health concerns with whom are dependent on computers for job-related work. Symptoms have been reported by individuals, with extended amounts of screen time, are eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and neck or shoulder pain. Development of visual symptoms and complaints can be contibuted by uncorrected vision conditions, poor computer design, workplace ergonomics and a highly demanding visual task. Looking at a computer screen is different than looking at printed text on paper. The letters on a computer screen are not as precise or sharply defined The level of
contrast of the letters to the background is reduced and the presence of glare and
reflections on the screen may make viewing more difficult for the user (AOA).
Eyeglasses or contact lenses prescribed for general use may not be adequate for
computer work. Experts at American Optometric Association states that:
Computer workers who receive eye examinations and occupational eyewear have reported improved comfort and...

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