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The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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The Effects of Divorce on Children
ENG215 Research and Writing

The Effects of Divorce on Children
These days most people accept divorce as a way of life, completely unaware of the damage they are doing to their children. Half of all American children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage. Of all children born to married parents, fifty percent of those will experience the divorce of their parents before they graduate from high school. Compared to children from homes disrupted by death, children from divorced homes have more psychological problems and actually the death of a parent is less devastating to a child than the divorce.
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For instance, studies have proven that one of the most common emotional effects of divorce on children has been low self-esteem. This lack of self-esteem carries into their adult lives and leads to numerous effects like troubled relationships, difficulties finding a job and marital troubles of their own.
1. Infants
The effects of a divorce in the infant stage are the most difficult to observe but also the least detrimental. Infants in their appearance may show signs of distress by being unusually fussy and/or very needy. They have been known to feel the intense emotions of their parents which can lead to slow weight gain and/or developmental delays. Infants may even start to regress in the skills they had previously learned along with changes in their eating and sleeping habits may develop.
2. Toddlers
Toddlers have absolutely no concept of what divorce actually means therefore does not believe it is a real concept. They will resist being away from either parent which will lead to them experiencing separation anxieties. Toddlers will also show signs of regression along with trying to control situations to bring the family back together. There is a general fear that will develop that can lead to the Toddler experiences nightmares.
3. School Age
School Age Children tend to have thoughts that lead them to believe the divorce is their entire fault. They think all they have to do to stop the divorce from happening is by being a good child. They usually will try to get their parents back together but when this does not work they will misbehave to get the attention they are lacking. School age children will start to place blame on one of the parents which may lead to causing conflicts between them. Faking sickness or making themselves sick they learn quickly can bring the parents together even if for brief moments in time. At this stage there are quite a lot more fears experienced such as abandonment and rejection along with fears related to how their life will be moving forward. Thoughts are also on their parents love and devotion to them and will they continue to love and be there for them in the future.
4. Adolescent
In the adolescent stage during a divorce, the children will be more interested in how the divorce will affect their social life and what their peers will think. Because they are more aware of the issues that have lead up to the divorce, they can be more critical of one of the parents they may feel is at fault. The adolescent will be very resistant to any sudden changes such as relocating, changes of schools and/or one of the parents starting a new relationship. Some will rely upon their friends and social...

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