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The Effects Of Computer Essay

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1. Background of the study
2. Statement of problem
3. Objective of the study
4. Research question
5. Significance of the study
6. Scope of the study
7. Limitations of the study
8. Definition of terms


1. Brief history about information technology
2. Banking environment in Nigeria
3. Application of ...view middle of the document...

This growing expectation challenges prompt the business community into evolving means to smoothen the performance of business. There are number challenges of business. These challenges are characterized by the constant changes in trade of customer as well as the competition in the business circle by other competitors all towards achieving or controlling the patronage of the majority of the customer in the entire industry.
According to Nwukw (1998) an article written on 29th September, which says that many bank in the past has strive to improve their counter services and reduce to the minimum, the waiting time for such service by employing more staff to cope with increasing number of customers.
But this did not yield much result with the advert of information technology banks, like all state bank head office has been able to automate some aspect, if not all their operation and this has resulted to lower cost in terms of paid salaries to staff and wasting of customer. With the help of information technology in the all state bank, according to information systems, the decision making proves, loans and credit evaluations and other banking services have been very efficient. The all states bank head office having realized the existence in the competitive economy depends on the level of information technology adopt it protectively. That the range of information technology adopted by all states bank must be determined by the peculiarity of its customer.
Thus, to compete favorable and effectively in the work of today’s complex business environment, the business has to keep itself abreast with the dynamic changes and also adopt new methods currently practiced all over the world, i.e by most success and business. To this end this research world is set to study and research on “using management information system (MIS) to improve customers service and growth in the banking industry.

Information technology is an entrepreneurial activity that information as a corporate resources should be managed and it greatly increase the opportunities that are available.
The operation of most banks in Nigeria are done manually with the aid of a calculator and writing machine. The banks do not recognize computers in their operations. The data processing and execution of transactions as well as their entire system for the proposed of record keeping are all done manually. The waiting time for bank services had led to frustration and dissatisfaction of quite a number of customer.
Another big problem facing the banking sector today is fraud, which has established the banking sector to the point of lack of confidence from the average customer. Most banks do not put their customers in the prime place as they supposed to be. These is new keen completion and to compete means to apply the marketing of information technology.
This has on the other ends created negative patronage from public...

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