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The Effects Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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The Effects of Childhood Obesity
Julia Buckingham
English Composition II
Instructor Stacey Novak
October 31, 2010

Childhood obesity is directly linked to diabetes type II and many other health problems. This paper will discuss the signs and symptoms of childhood obesity. Along with the signs and symptoms of childhood obesity, this paper will also cover statistics on our nation’s growing problem with childhood obesity and diabetes type II.
Children at age twelve are getting adult onset diabetes. As many questions arise, one of the main questions happens to be does childhood obesity have any effect on the general population getting diabetes? Another question many people are asking ...view middle of the document...

Put healthy food out. Put out vegetables. If they don't eat the vegetables on the plate, put it out the next day as a soup. Don't scold your children or push them, just keep bringing it out. Put it out in an omelet for breakfast. Put fruit out with whole grain French toast. Instead of saying, "eat fruit," you put it out on French toast with light syrup. There's different ways of bringing back foods over and over and over again until your child starts to eat them. Set the example by not keeping cakes and cookies and all these things around the house.
Some tips for when your child has a sweet tooth. Frozen yogurt is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and still stick to a healthy diet. Moderation is definitely the key to sticking to a healthy diet. The body does require some sugars. Tracking your calorie intake and making sure to exercise is very important.
Nine million American kids, 14% of children and 12% of teens, are now obese. The rate of childhood obesity has doubled over the last two decades. Virtually unheard of in children just twenty years ago, Type 2 diabetes (a preventable adult lifestyle disease intimately associated with excessive body weight, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits) has skyrocketed among young Americans. The number one cause of type 2 diabetes in children is explicitly cited by the American Diabetes Association with unequivocal lucidity being overweight. Fortunately, tangible solutions are close at hand for parents of overweight children.
I plan to demonstrate that childhood obesity is a huge health concern. For example twenty two percent of the children in Clark County Nevada are obese. (America’s kids are in big trouble Heidi Knapp Rinella Las Vegas Review Journal. Las Vegas, Nevada July18, 2010.)”I think a lot of the problem is that you have a lot of shift workers here in Las Vegas, and quick access to lower-cost buffets and food items, around-the-clock access to food and alcohol," said Robin Morello, a bariatric nurse with the University Weight Loss Center, a partnership of University Medical Center and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. (America's kids are in big trouble Heidi. Las Vegas Review Journal. Las Vegas, Nev.: July18, 2010. pg. A.1)
Family members can help to promote a healthier lifestyle by simply being a role model and by adapting their lifestyle to be a healthier lifestyle. While completing my research I discovered just how much of a problem childhood obesity is. For example, An increasing number of children and teenagers are now obese and are at risk for developing high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, including diabetes, even as children and teenagers. This could be considered an emerging epidemic with significant impact upon the health of our nation and the world, says a physician at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and St. Louis Children's Hospital. (Obesity and Diabetes; Overweight Children: An Emerging Epidemic Medical Letter on the CDC...

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