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The Effective Meeting Essay

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The Effective Meeting


When we walk into a company meeting, what do we typically expect? Some would answer the company party line with no real information or honest exchange of ideas. Perhaps we expect to see people pretending to listen actively. Or do we expect our organizational meetings to be consistently imaginative, inspiring, and powerfully productive? A necessary tool in the arsenal of any successful business whether it’s small and family run, or a powerfully megalithic corporate entity, is indeed the meeting. But are these meetings always successful? Do we always accomplish the goals ultimately desired? Despite the timeless stigma ...view middle of the document...

Many times managers decide to hold what is in effect a redundant meeting when a memo, e-mail or voicemail would in reality have more than sufficed in relaying such date to personnel. As a rule of thumb, meetings should be reserved to focus and discuss company innovation, fresh ideas, brainstorming and problem solving, especially where direct employee feedback is required from the individuals involved. There are of course your more traditional meetings, such as interviews, annual reviews, and personnel counseling (such as any particular issue that an employee may feel the need to discuss). However, nowadays team-oriented companies have become more and more relevant in today’s world. These companies require more meetings because there are many people involved on one project. In this case, meetings are necessary to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that they agree with the decisions.

The type of meeting, combined with the subject matter, should immediately tell you who have the genuine need to participate, what kind of interaction is best to accomplish the meeting’s overall purpose and should provide the context for selection of group process techniques.

There are at least four basic types of meetings. These are information sharing, information dissemination, problem solving/decision making and symbolic/social. Information sharing is used when information that has been gathered or reported by a group or individual needs to be shared with other employees or departments. For example, in a sales department, monthly meetings are usually held in order to report actual sales from the previous month, forecasted sales and any new information provided.

Information dissemination is used to conduct a meeting in which an employer or a person conducting the meeting needs to distribute important information that maybe crucial and will require time to answer questions concerning the information provided. In this case, a face-to-face approach is the best alternative as opposed to written memorandums. When changing the insurance policy in our company we had a meeting in order for the insurance agent to give us the new insurance information, discuss the changes and answer all of our questions and concerns.

Problem solving and decision making is another type of meeting that is often used in the business world. In these types of meetings we have a specific problem at hand, which requires brainstorming and full participation of the people involved in the meeting. There are certain decisions that need to be made which require analysis and full comprehension of the subject at hand. In these meetings it is imperative to choose people that have a full understanding of the subject in order to make effective decisions.

Lastly, there are symbolic/ social meetings. These meetings are usually conducted to recognize events, people or companies to draw attention in celebration of something significant or a person’s success. These can be in the form...

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