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The Effect Of Viewing Necker Time

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The Effect Of The Length Of Viewing Time On Necker Cube Reversals

Previous research has shown that the length of viewing time has influenced the Necker cube reversals. The following experiment was performed in order to test whether reversals occurr as a result of the length of viewing of time. A within participant design was used, on 36, undergraduate students.
The results showed the effect of the length of viewing time had no increase upon the reversals. Further test could involve both increasing viewing time and the intervals to 30 seconds to observe whether reversals increase over time.
The effect of the length of the viewing time of the Necker cube, relates to ...view middle of the document...

However when a 3d interpretation of the Necker cube is made, the image reverses in depth and an alternative orientation occurs. This arises as the brain settles upon one conclusion and changes it to an additional viable alternative, this reversal none as multistability of ambigious figures.


There are various competing hypothesis to substantiate why reversal effect occurs, for the purpose of this report I will mention two.
One theoretical hypothesis is Neural fatigue suggested by (Wolfgang Kohler) (1940) he argued that perception of the Necker cube alternates, due to fatigue. Fatigue is said to occur, as a result of the depletion of the Neurons Bio chemicals, within the neuron circuit, that is associated with orientation. This happens as the neurons subsequently become “tired” due to its continuous use as a result reversal interpretations ensue. Subsequently The Neural fatigue hypothesis suggested that as a result of continuous viewing of Necker cube, reversal occurs more frequently.

Another suggestion for reversals of Necker cube was proposed by (Peterson and Hochberg, 1983) as they hypothesised that reversal occur, as a result of eye movements. The brain’s fixates on differing positions within the drawing, for example if the participants eyes fixate on the bottom corner of the cube they observe the back of the cube, additionally if they fixate on the top of the cube the observe the front of the cube. It is therefore hypothesised that it is within this fixation of alternate points, that reversal is said to occur. 
Based upon previous research in order to test the Neuron fatigue hypothesis, we will be investigating whether the effect of the length of the viewing time has any effect upon the number of reversals. As the experimental hypothesis is that over time, the number of reversals will increase. Therefore the current experiment will test the effects of length of viewing time on the Necker cube.
Methodological Details
A within participant design was used. The (Independent Variable) Time Intervals. The (Dependent Variable) Number of reversals.

The participants, 36 undergraduate psychology students. The ratio being 8 male, 28 females, Age range 18-40. Participation was obtained as experiment was part of the degree requirement.  All participants had knowledge of experiment and consented to take part.

Materials/ Stimuli
2d drawing of Necker cube, a transparent cube with letter Y situated in one corner. Stopwatch located on computer and 3 pieces of paper and pen.

Participants were split into pairs and a coin was used in order to decide, which participant would assume the role of the experimenter first. Participants were verbally instructed of details of the experiment by course lecturer. In addition, they were also given the opportunity to read details, of experiment instructions on the computer, in order to further familiarise themselves with procedure. The...

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