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The Effect Of Time And Temperature On Storage Of Fresh Pechay

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The Effect of Time and Temperature
on Storage of Fresh Pechay


A. Objectives

The study is performed to discuss the effect of time and temperature on the storage of fresh pechay. It is also done to explain the difference of low and high temperature on the storage fresh pechay. Lastly, to explain other factors related to time and temperature that may affect the storage. Through conducting this study, the proper storage conditions of food items will be determined.

B. Significance of the Study

The study aims to show the effect of time and temperature in the storage of fresh pechay. This will determine whether the fresh pechay will react positively or negatively ...view middle of the document...

A leaf is composed of stomata, a structure where the exchange in gas and water occurs. This appears as tiny holes which releases gas and water to the surrounding.

Transpiration is an essential process that is involved in this experiment. This is the process wherein plant structures, particularly their leaves, allow the release of water to the surrounding. This is done so that there would be an equal amount of moisture in and outside the plant. In the case of the pechay bunches, they release greater amount of water during the long storage time This affects the capability of the bunches to resist wilting and deterioration.

The concern of conducting this study is about the storage of the fresh pechay bunches. Storage largely influences the quality that a food will have after some period of time. It is an essential stage that most common food items because it helps prevent scarcity, enable the availabilty of seasonal food items almost throughout the year, and reduce losses from the surplus of harvests.

Ideally, foods must be stored in an optimum temperature far away where microorganisms can tribe. This will then depend on the type of microorganisms that may grow in a certain food item. In our case, we often use methods of low temperature storage such as refrigeration and freezing.

Temperature is one crucial factor to be considered during storage of the food items. It is because food items have different capability to withstand the effects of high and low temperature to them. Though application of elevated temperature may help plants to continue essential processes, they will also reach an optimum point wherein temperature can no longer affect them, thus they may have decrease in metabolic rate. In this case, adaptations of plants such as having thick skin, and hairs on leaf surface would be of great help.

Time is considered as an important factor whenever we store fruits, and other food items. It will determine the quality of a certain food after it has been stored. This factor goes along with the others such as temperature, place of storage, and the food item to be stored. Time must be properly managed and monitored, since it is crucial that every food item has only a specific time of storage.

Dry and basic foods are often stored for longer time, as implicated by their morphology. On the other hand, moist and acidic foods take short time of storage because they can be easily contaminated with bacteria, and other microorganisms.

As said, time and temperature are affected by other factors of storage such as postharvest handling of the food item, type of packaging to be used for storage, humidity in the storage area, and nature of the food item to be stored. If these other factors would be held properly and constantly, then it is only the time and temperature to be monitored strictly to achieve the desirable quality of the food item being stored.

Postharvest handling of food items is the way they are treated soon after harvest...

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