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The Effect Of The Internet On Tourism

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The Effect of the Internet on Tourism

Alfredo Ortiz # 3725031
Florida International University CMBA
Krishnan Dandapani
FIN 6644 Global Financial Markets

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Negative Effects of the Internet…………………….9

The development of the Internet has dramatically changed the world. One of the industries that have been directly affected by the Internet is the Tourism industry. The effects of Globalization have revolutionized tourism by encouraging ...view middle of the document...

However, the Internet has changed the magnitude and access to information in the tourism sector. Now, all the information needed about a given tourism destination is just a click away. Travelers can access accurate information about the terrain, climate, attractions, and others factors which helps them make an informed decision. This has made traveling more enjoyable and comfortable with such privileges. Travelers have a plethora of information that assists in making choices. (2) Preparing for travel usually meant gathering books and magazines to get information and recommendations about a desired destination. Today, all is needed is a computer and access to the Internet to view real time pictures and videos of such destination.
Research also shows that one of the factors that have limited tourism in the world was the lack of adequate marketing. (3) Advertising became very expensive. Most tourist destinations existence was only known by the local community. Many places with great tourism potential and scenic beauty could not attract potential tourists because they were not well marketed. Their attractiveness was limited by the limitations of the available means of advertisement. Tourism products were not marketed effectively.
However, marketing of tourism products has been greatly improved by the integration of Internet technology in the tourism sector. (3) In the early years of the Internet, important features of marketing like graphics, videos, and others could not be supported. But the increased development of the Internet technology changed drastically allowing the industry to flourish. Integration of protocols like Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) has greatly revolutionized Internet marketing of tourism products. This has enabled transmission of advertisement features like graphical images, music, videos, and others, which gives an accurate view of the tourist attraction products. (4)
Many tourism and travel sites have been developed to provide information on tourism. With the accessibility of the Internet, these sites expose exotic places, peaceful getaways and exciting adventures. Some sites have user rating on the places they visit, giving you a somewhat honest review of the experiences you’re planning to encounter.(5) This allows potential travelers to plan their trip better with the advance knowledge of the best things to do and best attractions to visit.
Another concept that has been facilitated by the Internet and has spurred growth in tourism is “e-ticketing”. This is a concept where passengers or group of passengers can book their seats in commercial airlines over the Internet. Potential tourists can book air tickets at the comfort of their offices or their homes. By eliminating the need for paper work, E-ticketing reduces booking expenses significantly. It also reduces the probability of documents getting lost in the process since everything is...

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