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The Effect Of Post "Great War" Ideals On The Literature Of The Times

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Unit 5 Part 1 Test EssayThe literature of an era is always reflective of its times, and for the first few decades of the twentieth century, that fact was made obvious. With the world facing new challenges, writers searched for new creative outlets and techniques, and, for the first time, began to disregard the rules of writing that had once been dogma. Events such as war, financial depression, major social problems, and developments in both technology and psychology led to major literary advances such as Imagism, Modernism, stream-of-consciousness technique, and the Harlem Renaissance.Before the "Great War" there was an overpowering sense of optimism amongst the American public. This ...view middle of the document...

Their works bolstered the birth of the literary movement Modernism. Disenchanted with a postwar world, these American Exiles searched for new ways to express themselves and show the spirit of the "Roaring Twenties" in the style of their work. Modernism represented a break from literary traditions and old-fashioned beliefs. Modernists began to experiment with new techniques such as fragmented writing to reflect a fragmented world, stream-of-consciousness technique and implied themes.Near the end of the twenties, the stock market began to recede, marking the beginning of the Great Depression. By September 1932, when it reached an all-time low of forty-one points. Twenty-five percent of the work force was unemployed. Contributing to the Depression was a terrible drought in Oklahoma. What Fitzgerald referred to as "the most expensive orgy in history" had come to an end. Literary works in the 1930's reflected the hardships of the time. John Steinbeck, an author known for his accurate depictions of the plight of Oklahoma farmers during the Drought in books such as...

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