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The Effect Of Media And Video Game Violence On Society Today

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Video games have become a part of our culture in America as well as around the world. There are a large variety of video games to be played such as sports, non-violent, and violent games. The most dominant genre of video games that out-sells all others is the violent video game. It is hard to explain why they outsell all the other genres, but one reason may be because they allow users to turn their aggression into something simple which may result in less anger for that person. Video games have more recently started to be used as recruitment tools for branches of the United States Military with games such as “America’s Army.” One of the most popular video games of all time was Call of Duty ...view middle of the document...

Since violence seems to be the answer in video games, some kids may learn to think that violence is the answer to everything. Playing video games can have a hypnotic effect. Daydreaming and fantasizing peaks right before adolescence, at the point when many children are immersed in their video game playing (Funk4). When a child plays a violent video game they may be unaware of the behaviors they are developing. Kids who are easily absorbed into the video game that they are playing may have a higher tendency of developing aggressive thoughts and actions.
There have been other studies that have been done to determine whether or not violence in video games causes violent behavior in adolescents. It’s been discussed to whether or not violent video games lead to violent behavior. Many studies have held mixed results (Anderson4). There is no known connection to violent video games leading to violent behavior in the real life. One thing that many studies have noticed is that, males are more likely to play video games, mostly violent ones, than females. A kid’s cultural status or personality will make their reaction to violent content different from one another. Male kids prefer violent video games over non-violent ones (Lemmens640). There is a negative effect on the use of violent video games and the level of education of a male. The lower educated a male is, the more likely he is to spend more hours playing video games. This could be because have a higher education requires more time and effort causing there to be less time to watch TV. (Lemmen640). When kids spend hours in front of the TV playing violent video games, they may become desensitized to violence.
Playing video games is one of the biggest hobbies for children growing up today. Youths between the ages of eight and eighteen spend an average of over forty hours a week using some type of media, not counting school or homework assignments (Anderson101). The availability of these violent video games has increased in past years. Video games that receive a rating of “M” are meant for children seventeen years of age and older. A study conducted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission found that underage children, aged thirteen to sixteen, unaccompanied by an adult were able to purchase “M” rated games in 85% of the 380 stores samples (Anderson102). One of the biggest problems today in society regarding video games is the way that each generation looks at them. To adults video games may be considered violent, addictive, childish, and worthless (Atwan279). To kids, video games are also addictive, but in a good way. Kids can spend hours in front of a TV playing video games, which can provide hours of entertainment. There are very little positive things about video games that are talked about. Playing video games can build creativity, community, problem solving, and can raise self-esteem.
Recently video games have served the purpose of recruiting people who may want to join the military. The most...

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