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The Effect Of L1 In Elt

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In the name of God
Title: observation in bilingual classroom
Bilingualism became a crucial matter and is a very essential subject for research these days. The purpose of this article is to report how much L1 is used by the teacher in classroom? In what cases they use it? and why? I will start my discussion by presenting an introduction, this will followed by the methodology in which I mentioned the characteristics of participant, materials, and class procedures after four successive observations. I will then end the article with conclusion.
Teaching a language in EFL context may lead non-native teachers to use L1 in L2 ...view middle of the document...

) Although they were boys, I hopefully succeeded to establish a good relationship with them and at the end they were really happy that they can help me in my project.
First session:
In the first session I came to class and sat among the students and make them clear that the purpose of this observation is different from last ones. After a while their teacher came to class started to greet with them in English. then she started the class by reviewing. This part was held in English too. Her justification for using L2 in review part is those students know the material so I use L2 for fluency practice. After that the teacher talked a bout her personal story related to students writing in English as a warm up then she showed them the sample writing in the book and asked them to prepare writing like that one in their book. The assignment was assigned in Farsi (students' L1). The teacher was believed that when we say assignment in Farsi, students won't have chance for making excuse for not doing homework and assignments. Next she asked students to do their activity book and checked it with their partners. At this time teacher explained the activity and had been walking to see whether they know how to do their activity or not? Here one student didn’t get the point so teacher tried to explain it in Farsi so the student understood what to do in a very short time. At the end of the class she wrote the assignment on top right side of the board in English but talk about how to do them in Farsi.
Positive point:
1. Using L1 for giving assignments: as the teacher mentioned by doing this students won't have chance for making excuse for not doing assignment. And also in giving assignment the focus is not on the language learning but is on the procedures and ways during which we can learn it.
Negative point:
2. For warm up part of the lesson, it's better to use L1. As we all know the purpose of warm up is to activate students' background knowledge and direct students mind and it doesn’t have teaching purposes so we should use a language with which students feel relax.
Second session:
In the second session Teacher came to class and started to greet. Surprisingly all the students had done all their assignment. In order to teach reading part, the teacher started to teach new words first. As these words were really confusing, the teacher tries to give students some clues to find the Farsi equivalent of those words. After teaching reading part, she asked them to do their workbook in pair. But unfortunately there was no control whether the students use L2 in doing it or not. So most of the students spoke in Farsi. As the last job she started to work on their speaking for about 20 minutes. But unfortunately teacher and students` tiredness lead them to speak Farsi in the last 10 minutes.
Positive point:
1. In order to save time when can use L1 when the task is difficult to understand and ambiguous for learners

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