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The Effect Of Ict On Social Lives

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The Effect of ICT on Social Lives These affects can be seen in areas such as:

· Customers buying from home

· Call centres and customer enquiries

· Work styles

· Legislation

· Communication

· Education

· People with special/ particular needs.

Customers buying from home

Customers buying from home are now able to buy even their shopping
online. One of the ...view middle of the document...

The initial start
up cost can be high and the company will always need to be updating
the website. Also not everyone has internet access to so high

Street services still need to be maintained.

Call centres and customer enquiry

Call centres and customer enquiry have change and made a big effect on
our lives. First of all ICT made a big change on the customer help
lines where once the customer calls in to ask or discuss something
they will not be able to talk to a real human immediately but instead
the customer will need to select a option then wait in the queue to be
answered, this has been a great disadvantage for both customer and the
company because the next time the customer will not call in which will
result in them to go to the store and this is where it affects the
company because they will need to give the service in the store.
Another disadvantage is that when the system is down in the call
centre then the customer cannot get any help.

Although the ICT has affected people’s lives in a negative way it also
has some advantages to people’s lives customers can now get support
via the phone to deal with the problems with there computers which is
much more flexible. It is also cheaper to get help on the phone rather
than getting one-two-one advice. The last advantage is that the
customer can get instant answers to their questions which will speed

Work styles

Technology enables flexible working that suits the needs of
individuals and businesses, giving people the freedom to work while
away from the office with all the resources they need to do their jobs
effectively, workers are now able to work in there homes. Another
advantage that ICT has made is that there is less use of papers where
everything can be stored on databases. In the work environment the
employees don’t have to get up and talk to other people because they
could just send a e-mail to ask questions to other people, this also
saves time in the work environment.

Some of the disadvantages ICT made on the work style is that some
employees needs extra training also has the systems become more
modernised the staff will need training again which this costs huge
amounts of money. If the systems are down then the staff will not be
able to work.

Communication-(i) internet

There are different types of...

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