The Effect Of Genetic Engineering On The World’s Food Problems

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The Effect of Genetic Engineering on the World’s Food Problems

Genetically modified foods look to be a great discovery for the
future, however, when looking at the science behind it, does it
suggest the same thing?

Growing genetically modified plants would supposedly increase the
number and quality of crops produced. Genetic engineering can also
help develop disease resistant plants and plants that grow in areas
that have not been cultivated before. This may not be possible if the
structure of the DNA of a plant is altered in a way that could be
detrimental for the human and animal population.

Evidence from experiments conducted shows that rats ...view middle of the document...

The fact that
these crops have had an effect in rats and mice would suggest they
would also have effects in humans. This evidence illustrates that
genetic engineering in its present form will not solve the world’s
food problems.

Since 1996 when GM soya was first grown there have been no reported
problems from the consumption of GM foods. Regulatory authorities are
satisfied that all GM foods produced so far are safe. All the GM foods
available have been thoroughly tested. Foods may be able to be
modified to stop people having allergic reactions, more tests need to
be done before foods like these are commercially available
[3]. A 13-week study of rats in two groups being fed GM
corn and non-GM corn showed no test related changes in evaluation of
survival, clinical signs, body weights, body weight changes, food
consumption, clinical pathology, organ weights and macroscopic and
microscopic pathology [7]. In 2004, crop yields were increased by 6.6
billion pounds. It saved growers $1.7 billion and pesticide use was
decreased by 62 million lbs [8].

This information shows that genetic engineering could solve the
world’s food problems. As shown in source [8] there is a massive
increase in crop yields when GM crops are used.

“In the UK, the Food Safety Act requires that all food, however
produced and processed, must be safe, fit for consumption and free
from contamination” [4]. All GM foods have to be tested...

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