The Effect Of Colonisation On Haiti

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The effect of Colonization on Haiti
What is colonialism? By definition we can simply say that colonialism is a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people or nation for the economic or political benefit of a dominant state. If we look at the history of Haiti we will see that Haiti has been colonize by many different countries like France, Spain, and the United Sates. There are many reasons to explain the colonization of Haiti and the impact of colonialism on Haitians.
A brief story about Haiti, The island of Hispaniola, which today is occupied by the Haitians and the Dominicans, was discoverer by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage to the New ...view middle of the document...

Because of the agriculture was so great in Haiti, the French became interested on the west part of the island. French Filibusters and Buccaneers were already established on Tortuga island (Ile de la Tortue) in the North and tried periodically to attack the “Big Land”. But because the Spanish were unsuccessful in their efforts to stop the French. The French finally get what they wanted meaning that they finally occupied the west part of the island. With the Ryswick's traitee (1697), Spain recognized the French occupation of the western part of the island, which became then the colony of Saint-Domingue (today Haiti). While Spain occupied the eastern part which was always named Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic). On the western side, Saint-Domingue, the Frenchs continued to import black slaves from Africa to work the plantations.
With the importation of slaves to the colony to work on plantation, The colony of Saint-Domingue became one of the richest colonies in the Antilles. At the end of the 17th century, the value of Saint-Domingue's trades outnumbered even the one of the U.S.A.; this prosperity relied on the commercial crops of sugarcane and coffee based in the large plantations employing nearly 500,000 black slaves and supervised by 30,000 whites. In 1789, on the eve of the French Revolution, the colony of Saint-Domingue had more than 600,000 slaves, which was way higher than the number of whites (less than 50,000). The slaves' revolt began in 1791, while more than 1,000 whites were killed; the sugarcane and coffee plantations were destroyed under the command of Toussaint Louverture. The French colonization was abolished by the war of liberation launch by the slaves having at their command Jean Jaques Dessalines.
After the Spanish and the French colonization of Haiti, the United States thought that it was time to go a head and take their piece. But if you look online or even for a book that talks about the US colonization of Haiti you will not find it since the word that they use in what we can call the modern world it’s no longer colonization but occupation. Well sometimes I think it is funny because people just accept the new word. But …hey I forgot,,,,that we’re talking about the US. I mean they can do and make people believe in anything since they are considered to be the smart ones. Anyways the first time that the United Sates occupied Haiti in 1915 they said that it was because of trouble and violence. But when they went to Haiti they did the same thing that Spain and France did to the country. Except this time it was not as cruel as it was before. And the only reason that we can use to explain this behavior was because of the world that was watching. In any case the result turns out to be the same. They went there and they took what we had left. They killed our agriculture which was the reason why we were prospered. Killed the animals, destroy our coffee production, etc.
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