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The Effect F Of Different Type Of Sugar On Yeast

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The Effect of Different Types of Sugar on Respiration in Yeast

Yeast is living bacteria that uses in baking to make dough rise through the process of fermentation. For fermentation to occur yeast requires fuel in the form of sugar. The yeast reaction varies depending upon the type of sugar use.
To determine the effect of different types of sugar (Maltose, Lactose and Glucose) have on the respiration rate of yeast.
If the type of sugar changed (Maltose, Lactose and Glucose), the amount of carbon dioxide created (bubbles) will then increase because sugar needed for respiration to occur. But, I think Maltose + Yeast will produce more bubbles than other two ...view middle of the document...

* Beaker 1 : Maltose100ml + Yeast 5grams + Concentration 5%
* Beaker 2 : Lactose 100ml + Yeast 5grams + Concentration 5%
* Beaker 3 : Glucose 100ml + Yeast 5grams + Concentration 5%
5. Prepare 3 delivery test tubes and then put different sugars which already mix with yeast into different delivery tube.
6. Prepare hot water and keep the temperature of the hot water at 50C by using thermometer. Put water bath into another beaker.
7. Prepare stop watch ( one person should take this part and check the time)
8. After finish with the preparing water. Put delivery test tube which has Maltose+ yeast inside into the hot water and put the delivery into water bath(another beaker)
9. After put it inside, don’t start the stop watch yet, we have to start it when the first bubble came out and from that count the bubbles until the stop watch is at 1 minute.
10. Repeat this method three times for one type of sugar and record the result in the paper
11. Do the same thing for other 2 types (Lactose and Glucose)


* Table of the bubble for each type of sugar (Maltose, Lactose and Glucose). Temperature 50C
Types of sugar | Trial 1 | Trial 2 | Trial 3 |
Maltose | 8 bubbles | 8bubbles | 9bubbles |
Glucose | 7 bubbles | 6 bubbles | 7 bubbles |
Lactose | 5 bubbles | 4 bubbles | 4 bubbles |

* Represent by graph

* Table of average bubble for each types or sugar
Type of sugar | Average |
Maltose | 8.3 |
Glucose | 6.6 |
Lactose | 4.3 |
We can clearly see in the table and the graph that Maltose is the best for yeast metabolism. Remember, yeast is made of two glucose molecules. Glucose is a close second. And, the last place is Lactose which has the lowest average bubbles in all types that I did the experiment on. Lactose produced very little bubble, if any cellular respiration in yeast.
According to the result and data taken, I can say or conclude that my hypothesis was right about Maltose that mixes with yeast will produce more bubbles than Glucose and Lactose because maltose has the largest sugar in all types of sugar.
During experiment, I noticed that each time I change the variable, the result are also varied. I tried using the different...

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