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The Editing And Film Style Of Hitchcock

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Film ArtA Brief Analysis:The Editing and Film Style of HitchcockContentPart1Introduction1. Introduction of Hitchcock2. The Main editing and Film Style of HitchcockPart2Evidence1. Rear Window------POV of Peep2. Rope------Long Take of Creating the Effect of Spying the Real Scene3. North by Northwest-------Montage of Spatial Relation Creates Excitement4. Psycho------Consecutive Montage & Crossing MontagePart3ConclusionPart4ReferenceIntroduction1. Introduction of Hitchcock[1]Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE (13 August 1899 - 29 April 1980)[1] was a British filmmaker and producer who pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. After a successful career in his ...view middle of the document...

At the beginning, the director uses a long take to show the life of Jeff's neighbors and then through the POV of Jeff the audience can see the actions of them which can stimulate our interest in exploring. After that, the telephoto POV shot of the gardener started arousing suspense and the director makes the audience witness the whole process of crime which increases the effect of intension. Especially, when the dog is killed, the series long shot of reaction of the neighbors implicates that truth will be disclosed soon . The climax of the film begins when Lisa goes to the home of the murder in order to get the proof. The director apply crosscutting between Jeff and POV of Jeff with few words (Lisa has been found by the murder) to create the tense atmosphere. Finally, a zoom shot is used to show the tense expression of Jeff and then the director use series POV from the murder to implicate that the murder's eyes are attacked by photoflash. At the end, a long take is used again to represent from the neighbors to Jeff and it is also a transition from long shot to medium shot to show the ending of the film. The POV shots from Jeff let the audience peep through the photographic camera lens and the director wants to create suspense through making the audience experience what the character is going through[2] because the desire of peeping is always the weakness of human beings. The thought which is that people don't want to be discovered when they are peeping others' life offer the director a good way to create suspense.2. Rope------Long Take of Creating the Effect of Spying the Real SceneRope has a strong experimental purpose. Except the beginning part of the movie, the rest of the movie is showed through only one shot. Actually, it is the combination of 8 long takes because of the limited time of a cartridge. It makes full use of actor's back or the still life to connect shots and make it has the same effect as one long take.【4】( However, no editing action is also a kind of editing way. Long take let the movie be more real and simulating. The movie is files with suspense from the first time, without any extraneous footage. We participate the murder at the beginning and never loss any details of the whole story. We already know about the answer, and then we can concentrate on observing characters. It is just like that we are experiencing other's real life. The audience feels intension and exciting because of spying.3. North by Northwest-------Montage of Spatial Relation Creates ExcitementIn this film, the montage of spatial relation's editing expressed an intense atmosphere. The clip which the character was attacked by the plane is consisted of 131 shots. Before the plane attacked the character, the director put the shots of the man and the shots of the field (POV from the man)to show the spatial relation between the man and the field. And then, a wide shot showed us the plane would...

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