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The Economy And The Modern State

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What do people expect modern states to do about the economy and how do states attempt to accomplish these results?People living under the sovereign power of an independent state expect theirgovernment to keep and maintain a stable, expanding economy. If the government does not keep and maintain a stable economy it is likely that there will be a complete collapse of, not only government, but the established society. This breakdown can, to an extent, lead to revolution or civil war. If the prosperity of the economy is confined only to thedistinguished, refined elite; then the social system will eventually turn into a totalitarian system where the benefits of this open market become unavailable to the lesser classes of society. Once this ...view middle of the document...

This is not to say that government intervention is necessarily a bad thing, it is just that governments tend to favour certain interests that benefit them and not the people thus, damaging the economy or stagnating the growth of the economy. Usually the citizens of this independent state will hold the government accountable for the failure or success of their economy and its growth. If it does not fair well then the people's beliefs in government may fall for its bad policy or decision making, decimating its ownlegitimacy. Governments, on the other hand, tend to try to control same key aspects of the economy namely, "inflation and unemployment." To control inflation, which is simplyprice control, the central bank of the state will raise or lower interest rates from loans to bonds and treasury bills. However, this is just a short term solution to the problems.Shively explains that if everyone that wanted to work could work there would be more of everything a basic society needs and wants (98). He then further explains that as a society, we do not care how much wealth is generated but how evenly it is dispersed among the people of the state (102). When uneven distribution of wealth occurs, itshadows the fundamental principles of a liberal; democratic open market thus leaving a door open to more repressive regimes that claim better ideals that appeal the citizens.Hence, the economy is a major aspect of government and policy making in any state. Failure to satisfy the general population can have devastating effects since the people"expect" the government to make the quality of life better for them by improving the economy and raising the standard of living.Works CitedShively, Phillips W. Political Science: Comparative government. Mcgraw Hill Company, 2003.

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