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The Economic Role Of Women Essay

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The role of women in the economy and in other aspects of social life is not the same today as they were 50, 100 or even more years ago. And it is not the same in the eastern world than in the western world. It is basically a gender issue. Women have struggled for years to be considered equal to men intellectually, to have the same rights, to have the same access to education, to earn equal salaries, and to be considered equals under the law. This battle started long ago, and a lot has been achieved, but still women need to gain more rights, in order to have equal opportunities. Probably the key to equal rights starts by allowing women to have access to education because education contributes ...view middle of the document...

By the end of the century, women had already academies and institutions of higher education.
In the 1900´s women in America gained a lot of status by entering colleges and occupying a bigger percentage of the workforce every year. 1970 was the era of women´s liberation, as women fought to achieve rights and opportunities equal to those of men. American women were looked at as role models in magazines and advertisings, as regarding feminist achievements; they always seemed to have the lead.
Education for women is and has always been different in the western world than in the eastern world. In some African countries and Arab countries women are hardly allowed to study. In the Arab world, men feel that by letting women study, this will upgrade their status and that this would then interfere in their men’s dominated social structure. Therefore in these countries, women are extremely dependent on men.
Women play a very important role in the economy, as by nature women are consumers, so in a way they maintain the flow of capital keeping the economy growing. They are the ones who decide what to buy for the house, what to buy for their children and which stores have the best price. Basically women are in charge of the household economy. Many of these women, when entering the retail sector to work know more than anybody else what sells and what doesn’t sell, and can give their point of view as a woman.
When women are looking for jobs, it is very common to find that employers prefer not to hire women, especially when they are young, because if they get pregnant they will need maternity leaves. Also, when interviewing women for jobs, employees ask how many children they have and if they are married or not, because if they have children, they think this might interfere in their work.
Unfortunately, in recent years, women have had to face a very big problem at work: sexual harassment. The number of sexual harassment cases filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity...

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