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The Economic Impacts Of Immigration Within Canada

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The Economic Impact of Immigration Within Canada

There has been an appeal in immigrating to Canada ever since the early 1800’s, but only in the past seventy years have we seen drastic changes in domestic immigration law and policy. Most notably Canada has received recognition for its Immigration Act of 1976 as well as our current Immigration and Refugee Protection Act from 2002. Canadian immigration is still evolving today and currently Canada is known as a country with a broad immigration policy that is reflected in the countries ethnic diversity. Policy goals, selectivity and trade are three prominent aspects of Canadian immigration that I have found compelling journal articles written ...view middle of the document...

The article examines which sorts of immigrants would most benefit Canada and looks at those with the best prospects of fast economic assimilation in the workplace. However the article does looks at all view points, including family reunification and humanitarian aims and ultimately necessitates its judgments on what is best for Canada. The purpose of the research is to contribute to the understanding of immigration outcomes as consequences of various types of immigrants being admitted to the country. This article unlike the two other articles I have examined discusses not only the economics involved in immigration but also other factors including but not limited to language fluency, education and work history. It does an exemplary job of looking at both sides of the immigration spectrum and what would most benefit Canada while the other two articles simply take one side or the other which is what they use as the grounds and basis of their arguments. The investigation in this article revolves around examining the differences between male and female immigrants and the interrelationship between labour market performances on the one hand and individual personal characteristics of the immigrant on the other. The article uses education attainment as an example and explains that the SLID implies that immigrant men are more educated than native-born men and statistics show that immigrant men on average have 16.5 years of schooling compared to the 15.8 years for the native born. This raises the question of what the appropriate benchmark is to
measure successful integration of immigrants if the immigrant population is more educated than the native born population.
The second article I have chosen “Immigration Wave Effects on Canada’s Trade Flow,” examines how immigration impacts trade within Canada. It displays how immigrants have increased both import and export trade flows. The research within the article also found that new immigrants affect imports almost immediately, whereas for exports, the immigrant effect is not significant for at least five years and may take as long as 20 years to reach full impact. It discusses how provinces have begun placing greater importance on immigration policy as a result of the desire to increase trade from the countries that most immigrants originate from. The article argues that there is room for provincial policy-makers to influence provincial international trade through provincial immigration policies such as the federal-provincial agreements on immigration. The article discusses how when new immigrants arrive they bring with them an array of social, business and political contacts from their own country as well as preferences for consumer products. This article differs from the other two I have chosen by solely focusing on the economic impact of immigration. Instead of looking at all aspects of immigration it looks only at how immigrants can contribute to economic prosperity in Canada and how they will affect...

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