The E Matatu Plan Essay

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Basics of the e-matatu plan
* A clear vision statement

* Focus on value addition

* E-content strategy

* Alternative revenue models

* Attracting web-advertisers

My Internet business idea is to develop an online matatu ticketing system where passengers are able to pay for their tours and travel prior to the actual travel date and there is no need of physical presence to make payments. This system gives details of the proposed venture, along with expected needs and results taking into account the unique nature of electronic commerce.

Plan Purpose:
The business plan is to outline how the online company will take advantage ...view middle of the document...

Mining on the public transport data collected through the e-ticketing system provides valuable information on network usage and travel patterns which could be used for planning, operation and marketing purposes, e.g.:
* Monitor capacity utilization and loading on different routes
* Monitor bus headways and punctuality
* Monitor boarding and alighting at stops and estimate passenger volumes
* at stops
* Estimate ridership per operator and ticket types
* Analyze travel patterns for different groups of passengers, introduce

For Authorities | For Operators | For Passengers |
-Creation of seamless journeys in PT networks - Unification of ticketing - Source of new marketing data -Better control of revenues & subsidies -Extend the scheme to other players (eg. taxis) -Projects with political connection value - Reduce cost of selling tickets | -Gain new customers with modern approach - Increase medium term operating profit and reduce fraud - Reduce the use of cash -Reduce cost of selling tickets -Reduce maintenance costs - Improving cash flow - Increase speed at boarding (buses) -Valuable opportunities to add “new services” | - Convenience and speed, no cash - Seamless journeys -Easier ways to reload value or renew passes -Additional appreciated services when available |
However implementing this e –matatu will come with certain costs to the matatu owner including;
* cost for implementation e.g. software and hardware
* upgrading
* Employee education and marketing.

Business Description:
The following activity diagram gives a preview of how the e-matatu system will work

This venture as opposed to the traditional ticketing system will create access to the global marketplace
Customers booking online from the comfort of their homes
Elimination of the middleman
Marketing Plan:
* The report, 2nd quarter of 2011/2012(Kenya chapter), released indicates the number of Internet users grew to 17.38 million as at December last year compared to 8.89 million users in the previous year.
* This, compared to the previous quarter, represents a growth of 21.55 percent. CCK statistics indicated 14.3 million Internet users in the previous quarter.
* CCK attributes the increase to intensified promotions on social media by mobile operators.
* The use of internet has been on a rising trend, with the figure showing that 44.12...

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