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The Dubiety Of A Spontaneous Calamity

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The earth is about four billion years old, within the span of these four billion years; the earth has become accustomed to various transitions and dissimilar geological and environmental permutations. The Ice age period has been the subject of much debate regarding these various transitions. As the rate at which geological disasters on earth continue to intensify we begin to ask ourselves whether it is possible for an ice age to spontaneously occur overnight. Nonetheless, In order for such a disaster to persist, massive improbable geological events would have to occur and graft coherently which is evidently and scientifically impossible. The notion that an ice age can occur overnight is ...view middle of the document...

The data showed that over the previous forty years the ice depth in all regions of the Arctic Ocean had declined by approximately 40 percent."(Global warming, 2008). If gigantic glaciers cannot form, an ice age will not persist. Glaciers are the building blocks of ice ages. Hence, the idea that an ice age can occur overnight, with these vital variables counteracting the possibilities, is scientifically impractical. The earth's temperature would have to impulsively cool to an enormously low level overnight, which is plainly idealistic considering the fact that the temperatures are warming as oppose to cooling. All these measures invalidate the conception that an ice age can occur overnight, as gigantic glaciers cannot continue to form in the existing global temperatures.
Secondly, the only realistic event that can cause the sudden cooling of the earth's temperature is a vigorous volcanic eruption. Vigorous volcanic eruptions are known to leave cooling effects on the earth’s temperature because they release sulfuric acid and aerosols that block sunlight rays from reaching the earth. The last time humanity experienced such volcanic permutation was in 1815: “The debris lofted into the atmosphere during the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia resulted in even greater cooling. The next year, the Northern Hemisphere suffered a very cold summer; in New England, there were snowstorms in July! The drop in temperature and the ash fallout caused widespread crop failures. More than 90,000 people perished in that "year without a summer”(Grotzinger, Jordan ,Press & Siever, 2007,p.283). Despite the fact that massive volcanic eruptions can cause a drop in the earth's temperature, it is still unrealistic to think that it can be the foundation for the occurrence of an ice age overnight. A scientifically bizarre event would have to come about in order for: a massive eruption - leading to low global temperatures, causing gigantic glacial formations to occur all overnight. This conception is geologically impossible for the reason being that, each event requires different geological time periods in order to occur. For instance, the amount of time it takes for volcanoes to erupt is different from the amount of time it would take for the earth to cool. Using the volcano premise as an instance, suppose, a vigorous volcano of greater...

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