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The Driver Bus 303 Essay

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Steve Stevens
BUS 303
Any One
November 05, 2011

Everyone knows that no matter what side of the world you come from work is a necessity. Without an education finding a successful career path is often a hard route to travel. Training is the ultimate booster in the job market and performance is often based on the level of training you have at that specific task. Now don’t let me lie money doesn’t buy happiness but I surely believe it can help you get the things in life that will make it that much easier. As a delivery driver of a commercial organization you are often required to follow federal and state regulations in order to remain legal. Today you ...view middle of the document...

Let me tell you this is the most important part of my day prior to moving toward my first delivery. Sometimes our days can be relatively simple depending on time of year or time of the month.
The basic job tools and technologies are rather simple if you ask me. A GPS tracked cell phone which is used to locate and track our delivery times; Pens which are needed to fill out paperwork; a utility knife which is needed to open boxes which need to be scanned in; a hand truck which we use to bring product in and out of the deliver site; and most importantly our commercial truck supplied by the employer which is needed to transport product from our 425,000sqft warehouse to a number of small businesses and large corporations. Now you may not believe this is a proper tool but a strong back always helps when on average we lift boxes and kegs weighing in excess of 100 pounds each. Another thing that might assist in performing these duties can be something like “Keep the interior and exterior of cab clean” (, 2013). These simple tools are very crucial to completing our daily duties. If you’re lucky you will get the grove of things and even get set up on a set route which I find to make your day much easier to complete.
Knowledge can be one of the most powerful aspects of this job. One would think that there isn’t a lot to a job like this where you drive a truck from point A to point B. Well frankly if you think that then hey your wrong because there are many factors where knowledge will help you in the long run. Knowing important things like local traffic laws and limitations will keep you from getting un-wanted tickets and having to pay out of pocket. Knowledge of your store receiving procedures and standards also assist with getting you in and out of the store as fast as possible. This can allow you more time to play with if complications were to pop up example given a flat tire or worse traffic accidents. Living in a big city like Las Vegas traffic accidents happen on a daily basis and can result in countless hours of lost time dealing with backed up traffic. Having knowledge of alternate routes can also combat from having too much lost time while making deliveries.
Some of the skills and abilities needed to be a productive driver at SWS can be something as unbelievable as staying in shape. This job is a very demanding and tasking job on your body having a basic understanding of lifting techniques will help keep you safe and keep you working for a long time to come. Some other skills I find to be important would be having the ability to adapt...

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