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The Dragon Has Not Fallen Essay

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Samuel Au
Th 5-6 pm
Film Response #3
The Dragon Has Not Fallen

In Olympus Has Fallen, Hollywood attempts again at an action-packed, thriller prolepsis of a terrorist attack on the White House (Olympus). Bullet torned and blasted by explosives and rockets, the remnants of the White House provides a provocative reaction that quickly turns into a war for glory to reestablished America’s power and the superiority of its military power. Patriotism becomes justified killing of the North Korean terrorists as represented by the stereotypical Asian villains created by the social construct of race through mediums such as the media to perpetuate ideas and use facets of militarism such as war ...view middle of the document...

Demand to make more money, capitalistic motives drove Hollywood’s monopoly to market to children and adults of all races and nationalities with a more diverse cast of characters in film. Since the sequel of Slaying the Dragon, significant changes in the number of Asian actors and actresses in film gave Asians more spotlight and power. Called assimilation, a mixed colored cast deracialized characters, but many failed to live up to their own culture since the culture they grew up in was white dominant from the start and hasn’t change because those in power, white men, make the rules and will produce the same old stereotype since no other race has superiority. Consequently, the “browning of faces, but a continuing whitening of character” continues to exist (Gee). Racially ambiguous or non white people though look nothing like whites still replicate white thinking and act accordingly to whites, thus reinforcing whiteness as mainstream and everpresent in the film screen. For example, to counteract the desexualized image of Asian men, independent film makers create their own Asian characters. Nevertheless, the white thinking persisted and many Asian men silenced Asian women much like Hollywood in the late 1900s.
Without the dehumanization of races and an outlet to distribute the idea, whites cannot easily designate their immoral rulings and laws for capitalistic motives on other races. In Hostility and Conflict, once Euro-American miners realized the Chinese had no protection of any sort, they showed no qualms in driving them off good claims” (Chan 49). Since the Chinese were seen as with no human value then it was easy for the whites to exploit them; this widely agreed sentiment of inferiority allowed white supremacy to dictate the lives of the Chinese and others including Africans. In similar respect, Olympus Has Fallen dehumanized Koreans and without it, “terrorism becomes rather like the philosopher's hypothetical tree falling in the forest: no one hears it fall and therefore it has no reason for being.” (McAlister 220). Terrorism cannot...

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