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The Doberman Pinscher: A Force To Be Reckoned With

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Patrick Duffy

GE 117
Final Paper
The Doberman Pinscher: A Force to be Reckoned With

The Doberman Pinscher was first bred with the intention to be the most lethal and efficient K9 known to man. The Doberman possesses the necessary characteristics to be a fierce guard dog, yet a loving companion. For these reasons, the Doberman has become much more popular in the last hundred years as the military, police, and residential population realize what a great addition the Doberman Pinscher can provide to your family. Unlike people who look at the Doberman as a friendly house pet, law enforcement along with breeders tend to search for Dobermans with full ...view middle of the document...

The physical stature of the dog is a great contribution to its success. Being a medium sized dog with a height of between 24-28 inches tall to the shoulder, the Doberman is fierce looking, however, very beautiful at the same moment. With the ability to maintain and produce much energy at will, for any occasion, the Doberman will not hesitate to throw its full weight of 100-130 lbs. at any attacker for the sake of his master. The dark brown and black colorations of the dog consequently make the animal a terrifying experience to come across, especially due to the dog's ability of cover under nightfall.
The first time the dog was utilized in a military aspect was by the Nazi SS in World War I. The German military saw this breed of dog as a ferocious competitor in the war which could instantaneously diminish the enemy's morale to close to nothing. These dogs were used for many reasons at this point in time, however, particularly utilized by German Police to search for any hiding Jewish members among the community. Extended use of the Doberman also included the responsibility to simply inspire fear in the prisoners as they passed by in German Concentration Camps. The United States Marine Core named the Doberman Pinscher their official war dog in 1943, when they were first deployed in the Pacific for battle of Bougainville. After this battle, the deployment was high in the war against the Japanese. Many soldiers saw his new dog and loved the agility, loyalty, and intelligence it had to offer. Not only that, but owning a dog proved to beneficial to soldiers by accommodating them with a lifelong accomplice. There was one case in the battle of Quam, where a Doberman named, Kurt, was responsible for saving the lives of up to 250 soldiers by detecting a large ambush of Japanese soldiers ahead. The dog was then the first to be killed by a grenade. There is currently a memorial, located among the various WWII memorials, to represent 25 Marine War Dogs that gave their lives in the liberation of Guam.
Today the Doberman is used in many ways such as for obedience trials, agility, a guide dog, patrol dog, detection dog, and tracking dog. The Doberman is able to perform well...

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