The Disturbing Sexualization Of Young Girls

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In the American culture today, women are becoming more sexualized at a younger age due to the influences of the corporate media. Corporate media and society form the perfect idealistic body that women should have and is constantly being promoted making younger girls start to compare themselves to them at a young age. Certain shows and movies, such as Disney, influence young children and teenagers through their characters as to how a woman is supposed to be accepted. The way the corporate media and society make this body image they want women to have starts in a very early stage in a woman's life without them knowing. There are these childhood movies, such as Disney, Barbie ...view middle of the document...

In society, women relate to friends, models and actresses which are actually people who are in the industry portraying the ‘ideal body.’ Women think too much about what others think of them instead of just caring about themselves. They also choose to take the unhealthy approach and gain all these bad habits to obtain the ‘ultimate’ body image of this ‘ideal woman’ society has created.

Social media is categorized under corporate media in which websites are used to advertise new trends through social networking sites that have many insecure teenagers. By looking at these images of other people, women often compare themselves to them. Girls love to look at pictures on Instagram, Tumblr and even Facebook of their friends and often compare themselves with them. Social media does not always impact one to change their self-image alone, however, the need to belong relates to the people whom women hang out with because those are the people who they feel accept them for who they are. Friends and social groups of these women look into social media for the ‘ideal woman’ they want to be and of course these women do not want to be the odd one out so they change themselves to be like their friends. To feel accepted, you compare your body image, looks, likes, hobbies, eating habits and so on to those that your friends feel are at the “moment trend.” Friends who constantly know what is in or not will change their self-image to what social media claims is the new ‘ideal image’, therefore, causing you to change your own to fit in and feel accepted somewhere. People, in general, have the need to belong somewhere which often leads to a negative path of changing themselves for the benefit of others rather than for themselves, which is really an unhealthy habit. One of these sources to what young women use today is Star Magazine. This magazine tells and shows all the latest events going on with teenage girls' favorite celebrities. One of the most popular sections of Star Magazine that teens read are The Best and Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies. Women often compare themselves to the celebrities with the best beach bodies, especially with the ones with the worst. They want to end up looking like the celebrities with the best bodies rather than people criticizing them as much as they do with the people with the worst beach bodies. What women tend to forget is that this is part of the career for celebrities since many have full time personal trainers and get make-overs done. Even the images seen in these magazines and advertisements are photo shopped.(McCuen-Metherell 313). All that women are doing is falling for the corporate media's tricks and buying their products because to them, it is all business.
The corporate media controls women by what they should wear, how to act, how to look, and by what is attractive and what is not. There is television and the radio which are a part of electronic media. Images women look at are in their favorite television shows and...

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