The Dim Lighting Co. Case Analysis

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| | | | | |
| Total Population | 2,922,240 | 176,799 |
| EDUCATION (AGES 25+) |   |   |
| Less than 9th Grade | 7.46% | 5.11% |
| 9th to 12th Grade | 13.63% | 12.84% |
| High School Diploma | 31.21% | 25.25% |
| Some College | 21.17% | 23.28% |
| Associate's Degree | 7.47% | 6.50% |
| Bachelor's Degree | 12.42% | 16.58% |
| Graduate/Professional Degree | 6.65% | 10.43% |
| RACE & ETHNICITY |   |   |
| White Non-Hispanic | 58.83% | 20.98% |
| White Hispanic | 1.16% | 0.78% |
| Non-White Hispanic | 0.95% | 0.92% |
| Black/African American | 36.90% | 75.95% |
| America Indian/Alaskan Native | 0.40% ...view middle of the document...

In terms of competitors, the majority of small businesses in Jackson and metro area are wholesale trade, retail trade, professional services, and food services. There are several educational institutions such as Jackson State University, Belhaven University, Millsap’s College, Mississippi College School of Law, and others. Also major hospitals are conveniently located within the city of Jackson. Jackson MS has been recognized as the eleventh strongest U.S. Metros Economy in America according to BusinessWeek Magazine, ten best places to retire in America for under $40,000 recognized by the U.S. New and World report. One of the few cities in American beating recession “The Huffington Post”. The best city in American to launch a small business “”. The net migration into Jackson metro area in the last decade have grown rapidly in the metro area and can provide sources of labor. In terms of direct competitors, Comcast in the only cable company call center in the Jackson Ms. the factors that reflect the current and future available of workers with specific capabilities and experience. The potential for replacements with adequate education and experiences is sufficient to add employees as the business grow.
Assessing the external workforce is the first stage
The economic conditions of Jackson Ms. Indicate a poverty rate of 26.87% which implies that resources are underutilized. Also, businesses can seek to increase productivity. The unemployment rate for Mississippi is 7.4%. In Jackson Ms. the unemployment rate for August 2014 is 5.7% according to the Mississippi Labor Market. “When unemployment rate is high in a given market many people are looking for jobs (Mathis & Jackson, 2014, p. 181). From this data it would be easy to fill jobs. The city will also yield available structures and sites, a competent and excited workforce, government with a pro-business climate along with an abatement of local property taxes. Allow me to include the excellent transportation infrastructure in the down town area. The labor pool do not have to travel no more than 30 to 40 minutes to work. In addition to that rent rates are low and Jackson has lots of office space.

6015727201 Blake Wallace

Dated: October 18, 2014
Identification Section
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Department: Customer Service
Requisition #: 123456
Position Title: Customer Service Rep
Reports To: Customer Service Manager
EEOC Class: O/M
FLSA Status: Exempt

General Summary
Responsible for acting as a liaison between customers and companies. Assists with complaints, orders, errors, account questions, billing, cancelations, and other queries.
Essentials Job Functions
Answer phones to assist customers by providing product and service information, and resolving product and service problems.

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