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The digital divide is an economic inequality between specific groups of people in terms of access, usage of, and ability to utilize computers and technologies. Even so, the notion of the digital divide is changing over time. When the term “digital divide” first came to, it was centered on the availability and ability to operate technology. Now because of the falling prices of technology, a bigger majority is able to gain access to some form of technology, specifically a computer. Now, the “digital divide” has a new connotation. The phrase has grown to include technological literacy and the total cost of running a computer, meaning the technical and economic ability to make full use of the ...view middle of the document...

More people have access to a computer because of public locations that offer Internet service, such as libraries, restaurants, and parks. The Obama Administration has opened up the Digital Literacy portal, where technicians and computer savvy educators can deliver digital literacy training and services in their respective communities (digitalliteracy). Because of the growing number of jobs that require the usage of a computer, the ability to comprehend programs and navigate through the Internet is essential in surviving this tough, competitive economy. Primary schools have programs and classes to teach the younger generation how to manipulate and navigate the Internet. Older students are more exposed to the advancements of technology, allowing them to be more proficient in managing new technology. The older generation has a harder time learning, but there are man programs that businesses and companies are willing to finance to educate their employees (globalization101). Overall, the use of the Internet and other technology in the United States has increased, regardless of income, education, ethnicity, geographic location, age and gender. Groups that usually fall behind, such as the rural population, minorities, immigrants, and women, have been able to find a way to use the Internet and are currently narrowing the digital gap.
The use of computers and the Internet is highest in Northern Europe, especially Iceland, which has one of the smallest digital gaps throughout the entire world. Iceland has a very stable economy and their standard of living is among the highest. Iceland has high rates of ICT (information and computing technology) access, making it very similar to the United States. But unlike the United States, the geography of Iceland makes linking to the Internet easier. Iceland’s population isn’t spread that far apart, instead their population is compact in specific areas. The IT (information technology) infrastructure is easier to build because it wouldn’t need to extend as far as the United States does. Iceland also has one of the lowest ICT costs, making it more affordable to a bigger majority of the population. In Iceland, there are many initiatives by educational facilities that promote teaching e-learning and e-skills; in some schools, it is mandatory to attend these e-classes (europa). The biggest digital gap in Ireland is the generational barrier. The older generation doesn’t believe that the technological world is relevant to them therefore they are not “wired” or technologically literate. Ireland has the smallest digital gap because practically everyone is required to learn how to use the Internet to its fullest and access to the Internet is easier financially and geographically.
Egypt’s digital divide is unusually big for such a developed country, but because of geography, poor education, and financial reasons, Egypt is unable to minimize the digital gap. The digital gap in Egypt is social and financial. Schools in the...

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