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The Digital Age Of Education Essay

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The Digital Age of Education: Who Benefits More in a Mutual Learning Environment?
It is 8:00 in the morning and another school day has just begun. Mrs. Sullivan is powering on her SMART board so she can demonstrate today’s spelling lesson to her first grade class. Mr. Price is waiting for the bulb in his projector to achieve its maximum brightness before he begins showing his fourth grade history class an interactive map about Christopher Columbus and his discovery of a new world. Mrs. Peattie disperses electronic touch screen tablets for her students to use as they learn how to diagram sentences. Later in the day, Mrs. Thomas makes sure all the laptop computers for her classroom have a ...view middle of the document...

Now, a student might be more apt to grasp a concept because technology can engross them into the lesson using animations versus reading text out of a book. It can be considered a hands-on approach compared to the normal everyday textbook.
Unlike the students, a majority of teachers today did not grow up with iPads or SMART boards therefore a certain level of training is required. A study conducted by researchers of the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University shows that 34 % of the 1,057 K-12 educators and administrators surveyed are considered infrequent users, reporting spending ten % or less of their class time supporting learning with technology (Nagel, 2010). In order to obtain the necessary training, teachers can attend workshops to learn how to work the device or devices into their lesson plans. Many online communities for educators share lesson plans with modern technology in mind to keep learning in the classroom fresh and new. Various institutes offer online or face to face training so the teacher will understand how to make use of these devices and ensure that they can employ them to their full potential.
One way educators can benefit from technology in the classroom is by reflection of the students’ grades. Some states such as Indiana operate on a merit pay system which can put quite an emphasis on student test scores (AP, 2012). This would encourage educators to utilize new technology/methods in the classroom to reach a maximum number of students. The use of technology engages the students and causes them to be more attentive. This attentiveness leads to them learning more and in turn, perform better on tests. In the teachers’ eyes, student achievement means more money. This benefits both the teacher and student. The improvement of grades results in positive score for teachers. Test scores are not always an efficient assessment of a teacher’s progress (Otterman & Gebeloff, 2012). Evaluations are a different approach to grading the teacher to make certain they are performing their job well enough. Some might say that technology plays an important role in how well a teacher is doing his or her job.
From a student’s viewpoint, the use of technology in the classroom can be fun, interesting, or maybe even awesome. First graders in Julie Simmons’s classroom enjoy using social media such as Twitter to meet new friends and learn about different cultures all over the world (Jarvis, 2012). One student...

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