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The Difficulties Of Applying To This Website

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| |All Sociology Modules |
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The Proletariat (the working class) are poorly |
| |paid, work long hours in dangerous conditions, are poorly housed, poorly educated and in bad health. They are also unrepresented|
| |politically. Trade unions are weak or non-existent; no political party represents the interests of working class people who in |
| |case have no voting rights. Meanwhile the Bourgeoisie (the upper class) exploits the Proletariat. They earn high profits and |
| |enjoy a privileged life style at the expense of the Proletariat who earn low wages exactly because the Bourgeoisie earns high |
| |profits. Diagrammatically, we can show the relationship as follows: If you imagine the Capitalist system as it operated in 19th |
| |Century Britain, it seems that Marx was providing a fairly accurate description of it |

| |Marx also believed that the economic organisation of capitalist societies would heavily influence other characteristics of these|
| |societies. In Marx's terms, the Economic Base of capitalist societies would heavily influence the Superstructure of these |
| |societies. For example: |
| |a. The Bourgeoisie was the economically dominant class but was also a politically dominant Ruling Class because all of the |
| |political leaders were drawn from the Bourgeoisie and could be relied upon to represent the interests of their own class. |
| |b. Meanwhile as already mentioned the Proletariat were unrepresented politically. |
| |c. The legal system protected private property and heavy penalties were imposed for minor thefts, with no account taken of |
| |mitigating circumstances. The legal system also discriminated against trade unions. |
| |d. The Ruling Class attempted to maintain its power by spreading a so-called Ruling Class Ideology via the Family, the Church, |
| |the Schools and the Media, designed to encourage the working class to accept their own exploitation and the dominance of the |
| |Ruling Class without question. |
| |e. Therefore, education was mainly for the rich and any education given to the poor was designed to keep them firmly in their |
| |place. According to Marx, religion played a similar role. Many would disagree with Marx` view of religion, arguing that many |
| |religious leaders have always spoken up against poverty and injustice |
| |Marx believed that the capitalist system was unstable and contained within itself the seeds of its own downfall. |
| |a. Although capitalism would improve living standards for some, it would also lead to increasing unemployment, poverty and...

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