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The Difference Between College And High School

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Graduating high school is a rite of passage to every teenager. It symbolizes all of the hard work and the actions taken to prepare you for the real world. Some high school graduates enlist in the military and join government branches such as the army and navy. Other graduates enroll in a trade program and become electricians and plumbers. The remainder of high school graduates continue their education and enroll in college.
Even though college is naturally the next step after high school, the environment and effort required could not be more different. In a high school setting, students are required by law to be enrolled and most public high schools are free of tuition. High schools have ...view middle of the document...

College also differentiates from high school in the sense that teachers are not likely to act lenient with assignment dates as they follow a strict syllabus with the due dates planned well in advance for assignments. Alternatively, colleges offer many resources to their students with class advising and student help. However unlike high school, the students must come to the counselors to obtain the help that they seek.
Hudson county community college offers many resources and programs that promotes student growth. Some services that HCCC offers are the writing center, tutorial services, IT help, and career services. The writing center provides free help with study groups and one-on-one sessions with trained mentors that will help improve your writing abilities. The tutoring service aids in academic achievement by offering up to two hours of tutoring each week in all subject area. With many resources available to students online, the Information Technology services aids students with any questions or assistance that they may need twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Career services helps build...

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