The Diary Anne Frank Response To Literature

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The Diary of Anne Drank

“Hope in reality is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of man.” The play, The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett is an adaptation to the book The Diary of Anne Frank. The play takes place during the holocaust in Netherlands. Anne Frank and her family are Jews and are forced to take hiding in an annex, which is located in her father’s store. The Frank family allows four other Jews to hide in the Annex along with them. They were there for two years until the Nazi’s found them and sent them to concentration camps. All the members of the annex died, except for Anne’s father, Otto Frank. In the play The Diary of Anne Frank ...view middle of the document...

“Thanks to this clumsy fool, there’s someone now who knows we’re up here! Someone now knows were up here, hiding! I think someday he’ll be caught and the he’ll make a bargain with the Green Police… if they’ll let him off, he’ll tell them where some Jews are hiding!”—Dussel (p.255). It is foreshadowing that the thief will eventually let out the secret and the people of the annex will be caught. Dussel is scared and feels as if there is no point of hoping because he thinks it will be over soon. I can kind of relate to Dussel because he thinks realistically just like I do. “There it goes again, the telephone Mr. Frank do you hear? This is the third time in quick succession! It’s a signal! I tell you it’s Miep, trying to get us! For some reason she can’t come to us and she’s trying to warn us of something!” —Dussel. Dussel has lost hope again and believes the Green Police are coming after them and Miep is trying to warn them. Once again Dussel is right and it foreshadows that the Green Police have found out about them and are going to discover them. In Summary, these foreshadows are about loosing hope by thinking the Green Police are coming after them.
Finally the last theme the author uses is setting. “Something has happened, Mr. Frank. For three days now Miep hasn’t been to see us! And today not a man has come to work. It’s Friday, and not a man at work.”—Dussel. The setting is Friday and usually on Fridays people are at...

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