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The Devils Eyes Essay

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The world is filled with monsters but not all of them attack in the physical sense, sometimes the eyes alone are the most powerful weapon of these supernatural creatures.
Thesis Sentence
Moving on to my interpretation of the true monster in “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” by Fritz Leiber is the girl herself.
The story is about a freelance photographer Dave, who is currently in a deep financial crisis until a young mysterious woman knocks on his door and changes his fate. This woman has no past experience with modeling and there is nothing specifically special about her either except for her eyes. But despite all this her photographs become a success in the advertising ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Fitch is the kind of person who wouldn’t let a photographer undermine him especially when its related to his work but the way he got under the spell of the girl by looking at her photograph and agreed to Dave’s terms was remarkable and even Dave himself was shocked of how it could be possible. As Dave says “Of course you’re all under the spell of the Girl, so you can’t understand how much self-sacrifice it represented on Mr. Fitch’s part when he agreed to forego supervising the photography of my model in the Lovelybelt Imp or Vixen or whatever it was we finally used.” (342). As stubborn as these characters like Mr. Ficth and Papa Munsch have been shown somehow they were instantly drawn into the eyes of the girl. As if looking into her eyes would cause you to give her control of yourself.

Topic Sentence
Secondly I believe that the girl with the hungry eyes is in fact the real monster in the story because her actions are always very mysterious and which later turn out to be dangerous as well. I.C.E
As we see in the story the girl always knows about everyone’s whereabouts in her surroundings for example: When Papa Munsch plans to invade Dave’s studio right before the girl comes to work with him and when Dave hides him in the darkroom, even though the girl does not know that someone is in the studio but she somehow senses it when she is coming upstairs, as if she had sensed Papa Munsch from far away. The girl while still at the fourth floor says while yelling “Get that bum out of there!” (344). This somehow shocks me into thinking how could have she know that there was someone else in the apartment? Maybe she picked up his scent from the stairwell? Whatever it was it seemed out of the ordinary.
Topic Sentence
Moving on to the next reason why I believe that the girl truly is the monster because of the uncertain death of the man in the convertible who picked her up near one of the Munsch Girl billboards.
As Dave was thinking “Next morning the same face looked up at me from the front page of the paper. The convertible had been found parled on a side street. He had been in it. As in the other maybe-murders, the cause of death was uncertain” (346). This incident can’t be considered as a coincidence that a dead person is linked to the same mysterious girl. If she really was innocent a normal person would be scared or at least be sad to hear about the death of someone you were with just last night before the person was found dead. Maybe...

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