The Devil Wears Prada Essay

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1.0 Background Movie

Our group chose the movie The Devil Wears Prada for this Organizational Behavior assignment. Basically the movie tells about Andrea Sachs (Andy), a young fresh new graduate who wants to be a serious writer journalist. Though Andy has no fashion background or interest she applied to work for Runway, America most prestigious fashion journal. Working as second assistant for editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly is the only magazine job opening Andy can score. Andy learns that Miranda is a diva and very influential within magazine business. The movie tells the story of Andy’s journey and tests of patience working for the snow Queen (as cited in the movie) Miranda Priestly. ...view middle of the document...

Andrea learns quickly that “a million girls would die for her job” and if she want to keep her position at Runway magazine, then she must change to show her boss that she is good at her job and takes it seriously. Along the way, Andy changes her plain style and behaviors to gain acceptance at work. Andy is soon accepted as an equal and soon surpasses the expectations of her peers at the office and soon surpasses the expectations of Miranda. The difficulty is that the more Andy gets into her job, the more she loses her personal life such as friends, family and her boyfriend. Andrea must choose between her old idealistic self and her new blindly ambitious self. Whether she want to end up like Miranda a rich, powerful, and without a man or does she want end up like a real journalist.

Organization Behavior – Devil Wears Prada

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2.2 Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly Miranda Priestly character in the movie is portrayed as a fashionista. Miranda is the editor-in-chief of Runway magazine under Elias-Clarke Publications in the big apple, New York. If we were to guess her age, we’d say she’s around 40-45 years old. She is has a high “turnover” of husband but only has one twin daughters. Few quotes from the movie to show this “another divorce splashed across page six”, “Snow Queen drives away another Mr.Priestly”. Runway is the dream of many girls in New York. In the movie, Miranda’s first assistant, Emily, describes her as a “legend” in the fashion industry (reference). Miranda produces many talented and famous designers. To name a few – Holt and Lagerfeld. Miranda is a workaholic woman. She is very engaged in her job that her job caused her many divorce. Despite that her number one priority is still her twin daughters. Miranda’s influential status in Runway makes her powerful in the fashion industry. She is very strict and hard to satisfy. She does things in her own way and everybody is expected to follow her rules and order. Her opinion is the only that matter in publishing the Runway magazine. Hence she is feared in the organization. Miranda is also very particular and efficient in doing her work. A researcher said that Miranda adopts a masculine style of leadership. She rude, harsh and direct (Jennifer, 2009).

Organization Behavior – Devil Wears Prada

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2.3 Emily Blunt as Emily Charlton: Emily Charlton is the overworked, first assistant to Miranda, promoted to the position when Miranda’s previous senior assistant Allison was moved to a higher position. As Andrea observes, Emily is a beautiful girl who takes her job at Runway very seriously. The epitome of a Runway girl – stylish and sophisticated – she takes it upon herself to fulfil every task and go beyond what is asked of her to please Miranda. Like all of the Runway employees, Emily is also deathly afraid of displeasing Miranda unlike Andrea, Emily lives for fashion. She is haughty senior assistant, who tolerates her boss's rudeness and insults so that she may...

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