The Development Of The Modern Party System In Western Europe

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The concept of Political Parties has been an evolving concept and framework that emerged after the American formation of political parties in the 18th century. Political scientist Edmond Burke, stated in 1770 that political parties are “ a body of men united for promoting, by joint endeavors, some principles which they all agree.” Professor Feigenbaum broadened upon this definition by stating that political parties are an institution that represents diverse yet compatible interests . Both of these definitions led to recognition that political parties develop in a nation parallel to the development of the society and show the nations cleavages and triumphs. Thus, the recent changes to the ...view middle of the document...

The backbone of the Labor party is that it formed as representation for the bourgeoisie during their rise during the Industrial revolution. The Conservative party backbone is that came to power through the conservative leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in 1874-1880. His leadership created, “the long-lasting alliance between an upper-class leadership and lower-class following” which made the conservative party a major political player . The formation of this new party according to the formation of new economic status, the bourgeoisie formed according to the beginning of acceptance of new organized opposition of new interests. Then slowly throughout the years as new interest emerge the Social democratic party forms as a reaction to the Labor party shifting to the extreme left. Then in 1987 The Liberal Party and the Social Democratic party merged to form the social and Liberal Democratic Party. The Liberal democrats, as they are called, have not become a major political player due to the British electoral system not being suited to parties whose vote is evenly divided across the country, which creates a lower proportion of seats in the Commons than their proportion of the popular vote. The Labor party slowly reformed itself in 1997 as the New Labor under Tony Blair and shifted more to the right on the political spectrum and gained the support of the middle class and became a natural alternative to the ruling conservative party. In 2010 after an election that created a hung parliament, the conservatives and the liberal democrats joined in forming a coalition government. Even though the Labor and Conservative party have been the main facets of the British political system, the Social democratic party has playing a large role in recent years that will be intensified by there new power in the coalition government. In addition, national political parties from Scotland and Wales, The Scottish National party and The Plaid Cyrmu, have both claimed seats in parliament and have become a parties that provide a voice to national issues. The combination of how an “individuals social class no longer explains more than about 2 percent of voting behavior” that has lead the “British community has fragmented into smaller communities of class, nation, region, and ethnicity that exist side by side by not necessary in amiable proximity” . The emerging lack of a British political identity is definitely one of the main causes for the increase in a multi-party system. The multi-party system will continue to emerge and gain power unless there can be one issue or party that has the ability to provide a broad reaching political philosophy to take into account The United Kingdoms multiple ethnicities and cultures and interests.
The history of the German political parties perfectly reflects the notion that political parties form according to the development of a society and shows its cleavages and achievements. In the Weimar political era, the proportional...

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