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The Deming Prize Essay

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The Deming Prize
Trenton D. Merideth
Keller Graduate School of Management
Masters of Project Management Candidate
Quality Award Paper
Managing Quality – GM 588
July 24, 2010

Purpose and Background
The Deming Prize is one of the foremost notable awards in the world that recognizes companies who have contributed to the development and advancement of Total Quality Management (TQM) throughout their organization. The prize was established in 1951 (some references suggest 1950) in commemoration of the late Dr. William Edwards Deming who contributed significantly to Japan’s proliferation of statistical quality control after World War II.1
In July of 1950, Dr. Deming was invited to ...view middle of the document...

The Deming Prize was significant for several reasons; two notable reasons were its creation launched the practice of self-assessment and the concepts of scoring and site visits in an award process were developed. Dr. Deming is now seen as the father of quality movement and the pre-eminent quality expert until his death in 1993.
Dr. Deming’s overall philosophy of Total Quality Management was the key ingredient to the development and success of the prize. His approach promoted self-discovery in an organization so that continuous quality improvement processes were rooted within a company and would survive even after a leadership change.

Award Criteria
The Deming Award is an annual prize that is awarded to companies that have achieved significant performance improvement through the successful application of company wide quality control.2 Potential candidates have to be able to demonstrate that by applying the disciplines outlined by the assessment component; the productivity, growth and financial performance of the organization have been improved.
In 1951, the first four Deming prizes were given to four Japanese companies. Since then, the award process has undergone a significant evolution. The Deming Prize now has three award categories. The categories are: The Deming Prize for Individuals, The Deming Application Prize and The Quality Control Award for Business Units & Factories3.
The Deming Prize for Individuals is an annual award that is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the study of Total Quality Management (TQM) or statistical methods used for individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the dissemination of TQM. In order to be considered for the award, recommendation from the Deming Prize Committee is necessary.
The Deming Application Prize is an annual award presented to a company that has achieved distinctive performance improvements through the application of TQM. Any organization can apply for the Prize. Provided that a division of a company manages its business autonomously, the division may apply for the Prize separately from the company. The criteria that is used to determine if an applicant’s company should be awarded the Prize are:
1. Applicants have established challenging and customer-oriented business objectives and strategies under their clear management leadership.
2. TQM has been implemented properly to achieve business objectives and strategies
3. Outstanding results have been obtained for business objectives and strategies
The Quality Control Award for Business Units & Factories is given to operations business units of a company that have achieved distinctive performance improvement through the application of quality control/management in the pursuit of TQM in a designated year. The Quality Control Award for Business Units & Factories is slated for individual business units, which are not eligible for the Deming Application Prize...

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