The Definition Of Unrequited Love Essay

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Even though most readers find Nick’s feelings towards Gatsby of a more platonic sort; nevertheless, there are several readers who find Nick’s feelings romantic because of the way he speaks, thinks, and acts towards and around Gatsby. The events of their first meeting, lunch date, and Gatsby’s death will help to further prove the romantic desires that can be found deep within Nick’s mind.
When they first meet, curiosity sparks almost immediately within Nick, revealing his subtle desires. They first meet face to face at one of Gatsby’s famous parties, though Nick knows not what Gatsby looks like. After Nick has been told, by the man himself that he has been speaking to Gatsby he immediately ...view middle of the document...

Nick’s description begins with, “…my eyes fell on Gatsby…” (p.51), this statement could be compared to several cliché love stories. Whenever Nick describes Gatsby, it gives off the feeling that the world has stopped and there is nothing left but Nick and Gatsby. Though he may just be a curious neighbour, most curious neighbours would not write a full novel about each other. Lunch proves very helpful in proving the truth behind this rare opinion.
Nick had lunch with Gatsby shortly after this and that led to a few pertinent points in the development of Nick’s feelings. The sole purpose of the invitation for lunch was for Gatsby to somehow meet up with Daisy, but Nick does not realize this and graciously accepts the invitation. Gatsby drives them to lunch and along the way tells Nick a short, compressed version of his life story and Nick listens intently, holding onto every word he said. When they arrive at lunch, Gatsby brings up the anger he had caused Nick by talking about Jordan and he uses, ‘the smile’. The very same smile that Nick had spent a good amount of time describing when they first met. “…but this time [Nick] held out against it.” (p. 69), meaning that it was a struggle to try not to give into the melting feelings he got from that smile. Only a few moments later, after Gatsby leaves once again to make a phone call, Nick is left with Wolfshiem, a man who he hardly knows. Mr. Wolfshiem begins to make casual conversation with Nick, unknowingly leading him into a trap. “Fine fellow, isn’t he? Handsome to look at and a perfect gentleman.” (p. 70). How does Nick respond to this? I suppose so or Women may find that? No, Nick responds, with no hesitation, an outright, “Yes.” (p. 70). This could be tied into the way teenagers will trick their friends into telling them who they’re interested in. The truth comes out in death a lot of the time, and Gatsby’s death made Nick’s feelings very clear.
Death, people may find, brings out the truth in a person’s emotions. They’re true...

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